360 Virtua Fighter V Online? (Link)

VF will be the last fighting game I want to play online. There is no way it will feel the same as offline.

I seriously could careless for the online play,

but it does give vf5 more exposure.

i would much rather make a mini road trip to play with people face to face.

How does it hurt sega? It’s the loyalty that they lost. They will never have another [I meant myself] VF customer ever again if they put online on the 360. It’s the fact that I spent 60 dollars for a fighting game, with the comfort knowing that they will release Ver.C through a patch when the 360 comes, now they announce Online which for reasons untold (most possibly due to laziness) will not be in the PS3 version? They’re alienating the entire PS VF fanbase and for what? What reason do they have for doing this to us?

With the state that fighting games are in right now, they need every customer they get. When the 360 version does come out with online, no doubt a lot of casual fighting game fans will sell their copy, regardless of what I say, that’s just how it’s going to be. Everyone’s going to see what Sega did and a lot of their fanbase will just simply disappear.

I do like VF and that’s why I bought the game. But I also like game balance and I’ve always dreamed of patch fixes over the network, so we don’t have garbage like GGXX AC where they need to release game after game because they always have something new, or have some major issue to fix. Online feature is like, the one feature that I’ve always wanted, yet never got, and for Sega to consider giving it to the 360 when us PS3 owners were the ones that first bought and supported their game is ludicrous.

Online play for VF5 is nice but the real thing I want it for the 360 to support usb converters so I can use the sticks I already have instead of having to buy a vshg just to play the game on a stick.

So selling off your PS3 copies is a way to tell sega they no longer have your loyalty? It would be more effective to just not buy another one of their products rather than selling something that they already received money from.

If VF5 goes online for the 360, I’m sure it came from pressure of Microsoft wanting some sort of online function. I’ll echo the other comments when I say, VF truly would be the last fighter I would want to play online. But I guess that makes some of the weirdo online fans happy so I’m cool with it lol.

Um, you do realize that setting up online networks for a Sony console and the Xbox are completely different things, right?

Sony provides little to no infrastructure, the publisher (e.g. Sega) must create and maintain the online servers, which is in no way shape or form cheap to do. Whereas on the Xbox, Microsoft maintains all of the online infrastructure. They also provide much better developer tools to allow them to plug directly into Live very easily.

Adding online play to a 360 game compared to a PS3 version is not only drastically easier, but INCREDIBLY cheaper.

For a game like Virtua Fighter, the PS3’s small market share and install base are not large enough to justify the large expenditure required to allow for online play.

All of that being said, I still have doubts that this will actually be online. AM2 has stated in the past the reason it doesn’t do online play is they never want VF to drop below 60 fps, feeling it compromises the purity of play. As much as I would like to see it online, I just don’t think it will happen.

Starcraft + Warcraft = free. So that excuse is BS. They can create a completely P2P network that just has the PS3 side software connect to another PS3 client. All they would really need to develop are the software to run the stuff. PSN already provides the infastructure to patch up games (Motorstorm/Resistance, Sonic, Genji have all done it, regardless of if they originally had online or not) There’s no reason they wouldn’t be able to pull this off.

oh my friend who works at gamespot just said that by “online features” they mean downloading arcade players fighting styles and then playing them in singleplayer.

That’s real tight lol. Switch that AI up from time to time. Maybe they’ll do like what they did with EVO and try to mimic top players and make them available for download.

I don’t know why this news would upset anyone. Games often have extras when they have late ports to other consoles. I’ve never heard of people getting upset when later ports of the same game have more stuff. (Other than the general “I wish this version would have had that.”)

Last generation, that would be true and I would agree with you. But this generation is different. We get add-ons and updates to our games which gives it the ability to match whatever version is lacking. Like the PS3 version of Oblivion (and 360 I believe) are getting add-ons for Shivering Isles. It’s exansion is already out on PC. Before the PS3 release of Oblivion, the 360 got it’s update to Oblivion for Knights of the Nine exansion. So you see, we don’t have to miss out on all the features. It should be the same for everyone.

Wow two pages of a retarded fanboy ranting and no confirmed VF5 online.

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ummm you won’t get any confirmation before E3…

Also it doesn’t make sense to boycott VF5 by selling copies. You knew exactly what you were getting when buying the ps3 version and you knew that the 360 version was coming out later. If it really mattered, you would’ve waited for the 360 version to see what changes would be made.

If it is true, which I hope it is!

I rather have a game that require real skills to play like VF5 online than that shitty scrubby fighter that a six year old can play and win like DOA4 online anytime!

this entire thread is misleading. it makes you think that online gameplay has been confirmed but it isnt. parryall ftw.

all it says is there will be features not scene on the ps3, having to do with xbox live.


well here’s the thing. The main issue was there being multiple versions. Ours being Version B. I always knew that we were going to get Version C when the Xbox one comes. But not ONLY are they getting Version C, but they are getting an enhanced training mode (one akin to VF4EVO), as well as better AA (smoother picture), enhanced AI, AND online features that may or may not include online play. Even if they don’t get online play, they will most likely get the real VFTV that we PS3 owners got screwed out of so bad. All I’m saying is that it’s possible to include all of that for us PS3 owners as well. Just like how we got Knights of the Nine, and going to get Shivering Isles for Oblivion (which matches what the 360 will be getting when they get Shivering Isles).

Fuckers like ParryAll shouldn’t even talk because fuckers like him hasn’t even spent the money on the game to even provide a valid point of view coming from an actual owner and player of the game. I actually own the original Capcom vs SNK 2 for the Dreamcast. AM I pissed that I can’t play that game online even though you can in Japan? Hell yes. Am I entitled to be pissed? Hell yes. Are fuckers like Parryall entitled to be pissed? Hell no. He doesn’t even own one. In the big picture of things only consumers have the right to complain.