360 wireless controller input lag?


Heya, all. Man, i haven’t posted here in what seems like decades. Aaaanyways…my girlfriend plays Dead or Alive, and it’s one of the few games in which we can find common ground. It may not be my absolute favorite choice of fighting games, but it’s still acceptable. DoA4 is actually pretty well done, and the counter system no longer makes me want to strangle people. At any rate, I don’t see myself spending 120-200 dollars to get that HORI DoA4 stick, and I plan on making my own stick, again. It’ll be fun, since I haven’t done it in about 4 years. I’m up in the air whether I’d like to go wired or wireless controller as the guts for my system. It’d be pretty sexy to go wireless…just because it’s wireless. I’m actually curious how much input lag a 360’s wireless controller has. I’m assuming it’s pretty nil, because I haven’t noticed the lag whatsoever. I’ve seen claims of “zero” input lag, and that can’t be true.

I guess the short version is:
Does anybody have any information on what amount of input lag a 360’s wireless controller really has? Any educated guesses? Any random ideas scrawled onto bar napkins?


From the official Xbox360 page:

“Exact precision: The Xbox 360 Wireless Controller is as precise as the standard wired controller. There’s absolutely no delay, period.”


I highly doubt that there is not dealy. I’m calling bs on microsoft for this one.


There’s a fraction of a second delay with the 360 wireless pads, so I play wired for my mission critical stuff. On the other hand, the SIXAXIS has no discernable input lag for me.


It will drag at times… especially when your batteries are about to die! But for critical matches I think you should just go wired for that extra bit of security.



the charger is def worth the $30 and it comes with the extra battery pack to boot.


This is an old post, but I was wondering if it has been determined that a 360 wireless controller does/does not have input lag.