360 wireless controller with MC pcb?


I’d search but I’m on my phone. Can you use an official 360 wireless controller with a toodles mc board and imp? The wireless one is on sale $29.99 so I’m very tempted to get one and use it for my fight stick.






Because both boards need to be given power at the same time, but you don’t want to have a wireless 360 controller turned on while your playing on the ps3.

So to work around that is to add diodes to each button signal line so you can have 360 board on when wanted and off when on ps3. The diodes would be to prevent the circuitry of the off controller to disrupt the other board.

The Imp board is not able to switch power loads, so you wouldn’t be able to use the Imp board in this setup. A physical switch would have to be used.

Then you have to think, what is this physical switch actually switching? Well in addition to the d- and d+ of the usb data lines, you will need to be able to turn on and off the 360 pcb’s power supply.

You can either hack up a play and charge cable for the mod or you could wire up the 4 usb wires up to the 360 board and use a voltage regulator to get 3.3v from the 5v line and wire that to the positive battery pin (the data lines and the 3.3v would be put on the switch).

I guess if you wanted to play the 360 board wireless also, then forgo the voltage regulator and just use batteries.

If you want to go through all this, then go ahead.


Thank you for the explanation :slight_smile: