360 wireless cthulhu board?

I’m wondering if it is possible to have a stick with an Xbox 360 wireless controller/the Cthulhu board by Toodles? I always see people making the wired controller with the Cthulhu board but I can’t seem to find one with the 360 wireless controller. Any help would be appreciated.


BUMP! i’m interested in this too :slight_smile:

Its totally possible, but would require extra work to be done. Mainly the issue is that you don’t want the wireless 360 controller on while you are playing on the ps3 through the cthulhu as you’ll connect to the 360 that it is synced to if its nearby. You also don’t want to power the cthulhu when you are playing on the 360 through the wireless controller because it will be a extra drain on the battery.

You’ll have to learn how to break one of the “golden rules”