360 Wireless Headset won't charge

This is my second 360 Wireless headset that has completely stopped charging. Does anyone know a way to get it to work? Also what would I do about it period. I’m so tired of the wired headsets and their shortages and then the fact that my wireless ones always stop their charge. Does anyone know a solution?

Is there a light? What is the light doing?

the wireless headsets have serious design flaws. i’ve gone through 3 of them. and no it’s not just me, if you search up and down the net and the XB forums you’ll notice the same Sync and Battery charge issues over and over. I had both problems with my first one. One day it just would never sync again, and my 360 is maybe 2ft away from me on my desk.

your best bet would be to contact customer support and they will be able to replace it.

Basically exactly what pixeldotz said as well. Looks like I got to call microsoft again LOL