360Controller Driver updated to Snow Leopard


Hi Guys

Tattiebogle did it again:
He finally updated the driver to Snow Leopard.

Here’s what he has to say:
Snow Leopard
I’ve released a version which will hopefully install and work fine on 32-bit Snow Leopard. It also contains 64-bit binaries, however I’ve been unable to test them because Apple have disabled my MacBook from booting into 64-bit mode.

Thanks Tattiebogle…

Here’s the downloadlink for the driver:
Download 360ControllerInstall.dmg

Make sure to pay him a visit and maybe donate a little since he’s in need of a bigger harddrive and still a hardworking student.

Have fun and enjoy


I just tried to install it and it gives me an “installation failed” error at the end of the install routine.

Despite that, the XBOX 360 Setting still appears under System preferences but it says “no device found” when I connect my SFIV Arcade FightStick TE.

Has anyone experienced the same problem or knows how to get it to run?

Thanks in advance



it doesn’t work automatically with the TE


The last one did work. I’ll try adding the product ID

thanks for pointing me to that topic.

EDIT: It doesn’t work. I added everything and went step-by-step with the manual… nothing.
Did anyone have more luck than me?


I can’t even install it. Says “you have a newer version of the driver” and doesn’t let me. Even when I deleted the preference pane, kext file, and rebooted, I still get the message.


there are 3 kext files. 2 of them are called wireless something


No, there aren’t. I did a full system search (including invisible files) and the only things I found pertaining to the driver were:


This is from the 0.09 package found here: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=188245

Even if I delete them and reboot, I’m still unable to install any version of the driver except the same one. The only reason the version check should detect another version would be if there’s a lingering trace somewhere. This obviously wouldn’t be a problem if Tattiebogle made a higher version, but who knows how long that could take. He’s not exactly very active.


the only other thing i suggest is archive and install snow leopard. doesnt take long and you keep your data. it’s just the system folder gets replaced