38 Year-Old 600-pound Florida man arrested for scamming restaurants


He was too fat to actually go to jail.


that guy looks like a real life “Boomer” from Left 4 Dead…that’s…an amazingly disgusting concept.


As an Orlando resident, is it sad that the only thing I want to know is which restaurants let him get away with it so I can do it too?


I can sympathize. With so much of America so obese, people have to go to extraordinary lengths just to fit in. Its so sad when government programs like food banks can’t provide people the calories to bulk up into the indistinguishable blobs we all strive to be. How many young people are going to have to turn to a life of crime before we make real changes to make obesity affordable?


A store that sells nothing but beef jerky? Sounds kind of redneck to me…


You couldn’t be more right. That his pre-zombie form. I can’t help but hear Francis yell “Boomer!” now.







It looks like if you pressed its skin against a newspaper, the ink would stay on it and you could stretch it and make it look all goofy.

God that thing is disgusting. Kill it with fire, please.


Ho ho ho ho ho! Cheesah beecha wonky buffet. Barra mel basska dunta yah chona bantha poodoo. Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho!!




thats a big fucking dude.


wow his neck is his chin is his cheeks.



Someone put his picture up with boomer sounds.


you read my mind you read my mind. Nobody can follow up on that.


Disgusting physical appearance followed by disgusting habits followed by a disgusting personality.

He’s got the triforce and lookin to impress.


LOL @ the news article saying is too fat for jail. Put his ass on Byetta and put him on a chain gang. He will slim down in no time! :slight_smile:


Fat motherfucka.


That guy has so many folds, he’d get f’ed up in prison lol


Blup Blup Uggggggggh :lol:

Gotta agree.