3B slide OTG > Assist contiunation

I’ve been doing this in the corner:
:l:,:m:,:l:,:b:+:h:,j.:m:,:m:,:h:,Drillclaw,:d:+:h:,:b:+:h:,:s:,j.:m:,:m:,:h:,:s: NOW here is the problem when I go for the :a1:,:df:+:m: the slide will OTG but akumas tatsu won’t connect, instead its blocked. What do I have to do differently?

hit your Assist a moment before you do the slide. You want to pop them up into an already active tatsu
Nice wolvie combo by the way Ill be trying it later.

But you really should have posted the OTg assist bit in the Questions thread, and combo in the combo thread.

BTW: Why are you holding :b: when you do a standing :h:

I’m trying to delay it. If I delay it any more they recover before the dive can OTG. Not sure why i’m doing :b:+:h: guess its habit or something haha.

huh well IDK why its not working, ill F with it tonight. look for a reply in the Q&A thread :wink:

Alright thank you

You can also use Tron Bonne assist for the same effect, if anyone reading this uses Tron assist like I do. Same combo, just using Tron assist before using the slide. Should do it right before the flames come out, then you can berserker barrage into whatever, or use whatever extender you like.

I figured out the timing. You call the assist as soon as you hit the floor. I didnt realize the assist could be called before you could actually do a move. I’m just trying to figure out how to end it at this point. He recovers after almost any hit post-tatsu

Yeah I just got back online. And I found the same thing. Hit the assist as soon as you hit the ground.
I was just following up with a straight :s: ^ BNB air combo

You might also be able to do something like Assist :df::m: jump:uf: :m::m: land :h::s: but I didnt mess around with it much.

Well since the OTG + assist is the 3rd launcher in the combo I’m just ending it with a hyper. It does 660k altogether

Take it to Q&A thread