3d ABA (WIP)


Ever since I saw the first Slash videos, I’ve been pumped up for ABA. Since I have no hand-drawing skills, I decided on doing her in 3d. I’m basing her on her Slash art.

I’ve been working on her since Saturday, and I think there’s something…off about her face. Any ideas what?
The hair has been a bitch to comb as well.


On the other hand, Paracelsus is almost done.

Shading is totally awkward! My suggestion is to either simplify it or adjust the tones so it blends better.

She looks too ‘wide awake’. I don’t know how else to explain it, except that in game, ABA looks…eternally stoned. Kind of.

I messed some more with the hair, and added some more details to the face. Does she look more “stoned” now? I’m having trouble imitating her expression…


Add more lights, and soften them (if its possible with the software, otherwise just add more less-intensity lights).

Lights for head shots are usually 3 (like getting a photo taken in a professional studio). The first is the main light, the second is the coloring light (a light with a slight shade), and finally a light that makes sure the shadows aren’t to sharp. Further lights help eliminate sharp shadows.

If you’re trying to go for cell-shaded look, use one light, but adjust the hair so that casts a single shadow, not one that shows of every individual strand. Instead of individual strands or something transmapped, go for a solid block of hair.

Yeah, I’m going for a cel-shaded look. I took your adviced and changed the lightning. I’m starting on the clothing now…


Today I didn’t have much time, so I just focused on modeling her jacket and tubes.

Things to do:

  • Finish modeling her clothes.
  • Find high-res bandage textures.
  • Fix clipping issues.
  • Whatever else you guys find.

As always, I appreciate any and all comments.:tup:


I remodeled her face/hair almost from scratch, to try and give her a less…“sterile” look.

Here’s the picture I’m using for reference at the moment:

She looks like one of those guys from Malice Mizer. :sweat:

I worked on her nose to make it more similar to the original, as well as her hair. I took out the edge lines to see how it looked…should I keep the lines?

Today I worked with her skirt, as well as random stuff here and there. I also found a lot of glitches, and fixed most of them (some can be seen in these renders, and I’ll work on them later in the week).



I finished modeling her belt and skirt, moved the tubes, messed a little with the front pouch, and began texturing. I am almost pleased with the skirt, but I might have to edit the image some more for it to blend with the rest of the character.
As for the bandages, I will probably take pictures of my own bandages and touch them up.




After a bunch of random changes, and adding the missing parts, I am finally satisfied with her. Thanks for the comments, they helped a lot during the development of my second complete human character.