3D (alaglyph) art?

OK, the search function wouldn’t let me search for this…

Has anybody considered making some 3D anaglyph images? Most people have the red/blue glasses lying around somewhere, so it might be cool.

These pics can be done in two ways:
flat, like a cartoon (fairly easy with sprites), or rendered with polygons (fairly easy, with, say, SF EX).

Tutorials can be found at

I suck at art, so here’s an experimental one using in-game sprites… Hopefully it will encourage others who are more skillful to do the same.

Too late, I already own ur ass in spriting

holla at ya boy

but seriously, dont I need 3d glasses for these?

Well, yeah. But most people have a pair lying around somewhere at the bottom of a drawer.

Cinemas were giving them out for Spy Kids 3 (my Blockbuster still is), and some newspapers were giving them away free to view the Mars panoramas on the NASA site .

There are even sites where you can order them for free (UK) and (USA) (<=links)

They’ve even started to use 3D at Hooters… I’m sure it would make great art…

What with most people here being into Transformers/comics/anim/computers, you’ll probably find that red/blue glasses ownership is going to be more common than it is with the general public.

And this Friday (Jan 23), CNN will be showing the first 3D TV video footage from Mars.


Now, they wouldn’t be wasting their time doing this unless they had good reliable evidence that most people had the required glasses…

So bearing in mind that most people will be able to see your creation, is there anybody more artistic than me who’s willing to have a go creating some?

Finally got a real one

OK, it’s looks like I’m the only person interested. Here’s one I mocked up… Not totally professional, but you get the idea.

Thanks to ShinjiGohan for providing the screengrabs.

The idea is cool. but i have no 3d glasses. When I get some I’ll try to do something with it. Maybe a comic in 3d will be cool.

oh shittt you mean to tell me you can do taht with pictures? tight.

Peter, lets work on something, buz.

tao voi may ve chung mot hing

Thanks to the View > Layer feature in Callus, I’ve found a neat and simple way to make them from oldschool games. Here’s a famous battle with a little parallax effect.

Shit, and I thought the above was my best one to date…

Oh well, here’s another one I mocked up from Alpha.

i need some 3d glasses

^ see my 3rd post for details of getting a free pair.

Anyway, thanks to Joram for ripping some stages, I got a new one made up.

One using a different kind of sprites…

This one’s a little smoother (thanks to ShinjiGohan for the hi-res snaps)

Hmm, it seems all the attachments have been lost. Anybody know of a way to get them back?

Anyway, with all the fuss about NASA’s Stereo mission, not to mention My Bloody Valentine, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Simpsons, Hulk and tonight’s superbowl, there is even a 3D image on the Capcom blog. Im sure with a bit of setup and tweaking, this sort of thing will be easy with SFIV…