3d anyone?

–Work in progress–
Made myself a new basemesh a few days ago… Decided to turn it into Yang.

Still gotta finish and refine the high poly then it’ll be onto retop and texturing.
Also did a quick paintover to show where it’s heading.

Face also kinda sucks atm…

Started texture if anyone cares :sweat:

Aaaaand a wireframe.

Still got a bit to do.

Looks good so far, needs some fixing on the face, he looks a bit older than he should. I can’t wait to see the finished product.

Good stuff. Deflate the cheeks. the chin is too big and flat. his face should form a v from his zygomatic bone down to his cheek. round out his jaw line. he’s too built right now, especially his neck, too thick. his collar bone is too pronounced.His chest doesn’t pop out that much.Maybe turn down the occlusion pass

Keep posting.

Facial shape adjustments, moved in the neck a little and texture update.

Looks great, one quick question though, are you going for realism or how it portray in the game. It looks great, but if you want to follow like the game, possibly look into Appleseed’s style, so you can merge the anime and 3d more cohesively? Looks good, the face I think is the only part everyone, and myself included are having trouble associating, because its so far from the source material, aka Anime Inspired Design.

Anyhow keep it going :slight_smile:

Was going for a more realistic style… yet not ott realistic if you get what I mean :xeye:

I will try to define the cloth material better so it actually looks like silk.