**3D Arcade: The Era of Neo**

This is a thread for the patrons of the 3D Arcade in Bakersfield, California.
DISCLAIMER: Jokes tend to get a little on the heavy side in this thread. If you are easily offended, don’t like to get picked on or just want to be left alone, DO NOT post in this thread. Thank you.

Hey! im da second loser to post here! (BANZAI!):party:

We all know u lose to neo free
If I go to 3D and beat neo does that make it my era?

What if i bitch slap Neo and call him my bitch?!
does it become “era of Neo, being a Bitch!”

cool thread the era of neo and vader

Biiitch u got no combos.

No, just Neo. Vader who?

Anyone going to 3D tonight?

I got 20 on vader over neo

Your signature says otherwise. Do peruvians know about contradiciton? :crybaby:

Neo vs Vader…FT10??

how much?

girls r stupid dis girl wants to get wit me but, shes thinks i am a player.i told her i am aplayer but, a marvel player.lolbut yeah girls r stupid.utube is number 1 at 3d

So how many people are in the Neo fan club at the moment?? :coffee:

Probably more than the amount of people willing to sidebet on you.

P.S. Please refer to the disclaimer.

Did you write like this on purpose or is this actually how your brain works?

P.S. Please refer to the disclaimer.

Not everyone’s smart enough to win money by betting on me :coffee:

P.S. I read the disclaimer. That’s why I posted here. Sounds like a thread for people with a sense of humor.

      This post is directed to the particulars. Not clear. Figure it out.

     Okay. Never had a big problem with jokes. Never got offended easily. It seems like everyone(bako regulars) just about has had an episode(drama)

in the Bako Thread or the EXTERMINATORS GARAGE, even before I had an account. It’s as simple as going back in the thread. Go ahead and turn those pages back to 1 and see.
A couple these PAST scenairo’s have been way worse then mine. I’m glad for those people who figured their shit out for themselves.
However, don’t expect me to be passive regarding my personal business with someone and expect me to be submissive-minded because this person is a winning player on A GAME. It’s not an excuse for one’s wrong actions, and taking responsibility for certain information. Bam. It backfired. I only tried to go out on the limb with this info, and under the circumstance was told it was a four-buy- and sells. This four multiplied exponentially.
I will say this much. I won’t blab all the details of my scenairo on a public domain. I don’t share my business. Unless you’re a trust worthy adult. None here. The other concerning party may have expressed his version of his story. It’s a free country. I can’t disclose details due to my licensed protocol.
This particular person knows what I’m talking about here . . .
On the flip side: Me and Neo have communicated our differences over p.m.'s. I at least am neutral minded with him and people. I have stated my peace but I do have much better stuff to do then write all this redundant crap.
I will say this much if you’re an ass don’t expect any different from me. I have a strong belief in treating people the way you want to be treated. Yes, this goes for everyone. I only seem to have these problems in bako. Everywhere else seems lax. Must be the something in the water.
The NOT"S don’t get involved in other people’s business if you have no stake in it. Boredom with nothing to do does not give you space to say two words.
I can mention a few names here aside from the obvious that would summarize those persona’s that change like the season’s.
My personality is simple. Half asshole/saint. I have both of these in me. I need both. Which do you prefer?
I said what I had on my mind here. That’s all folk’s.


Whats good Baxo?:lovin:

Hey getting rid of my Ps3 T.E. stick…any buyers?


OMg justin…is this a jk?:sweat:
Why r u setting urself up?
BTW did u ever finish that one push up?:lovin:

how my brain works my nigg:china:

no this is forrealz my nigg yes i finished that push up girls equal drama:china: