3D CG scene

Is there a 3D CG scene here in the fan art gallery? I mean, does anybody post 3D images? Or is it strictly hand-drawn/painted stuff?

there is no existing 3D CG scene here, but you’re welcome to post up your 3D work (preferably Capcom-related, but not absolutely necessary).
Who knows, you might start something :slight_smile:

This is one the few images I made I’m actually not ashamed of (also a shameless self-potrait :encore: ). I’ll try my hand at making Chun-li in her Alpha movie costume (will post in a couple of weeks, I’m pretty slow at it).


hey thats pretty cool. I am looking forward to seeing your Chun-li.

Procrastinating on Chun-li, so here’s an old lo-res Sagat in the meantime.


No comments? Oh well. Anyway, here’s a couple of chun-li images. As a twist, I used her SF Zero movie as a base for her costume instead of her traditional ones.



How do you do that?

Body model was from Anime Doll (by MayaX). Most of the clothes were mesh edited and transmapped from the General Clothing Set (by motsura). Pose from the second pic was from AnimeXpressions (by wenke). The model was then rendered in Poser 5 using the shading method described by destri (from Comic Book Page). The backgrounds were from captured and edited sprites from the SFZ3 game (I would have used backgrounds from the SFZ movie, but I don’t have it). Everything was then slapped up together with PSP 7.

The problem with the destri method of shading is that the black outlines are sometimes too thick or non-existent. The ear, for example, of the first image, sucks. A lot of detail is also either lost or smudged badly.

A different shading method.


looks good. I like it :slight_smile:

despite the limitations of the first shading method, it kinda works better with the anime character feel going on. One major thing right lacking right now is a highlight. Most anime works have to have a midtone, shadow and a highlight.

how long does it take to learn a program like this? (assuming I know nothing about 3D graphics) this looks pretty damn cool.

Poser 5 is very easy to learn. Much, much easier than just about every other 3d program out there. This is because Poser controls as uber-hyper-simplified, almost as simple as dressing up a paper doll – load up the model, double click on the clothes, click and drag the body parts to the appropriate positions.

Unfortunately… Poser 5 has a lot of bugs. A lot. A whole lot. The damn thing should never have been released to the public. The program is so littered with bugs that even enthusiasts are cursing the programmers. The result is that working with Poser is one of worst nightmares imaginable. The only reason I still work with it is because, well, its one of the few I have. 3DSMAX, Maya, and Bryce (the holy trinity of 3D graphics) are well worth into the hundreds of dollars. Most of my other 3D software are freeware (there’s a “free software” thread in GD).

Also, Poser has absolutely no support if you want to edit the model itself or create a new one. For this you need a dedicated 3D modeller, such as 3DSMAX, Maya, and Bryce… and these take a long time to learn. To this day, I cringe at the thought of making model from scratch.

However, on the up side, there are tons of free and cheap Poser models available on the net, so you don’t have to create your own from scratch if you don’t want to.

If you do take up Poser, hit up renderosity.com. Compared to other sites (such as Daz), renderosity is dirt cheap. Daz, the other major model provider, looks cheap at first (free models! ha!)… up until you realize that they give very little per order you make.

Not bad,reminds me of the CG Intro to Grappler Baki Season 2

Daaamn man. I know how you feel. When I got the cough, ripped version of photoshop 6 back in '03, I would so sketches and cg them, and for like 2 hours I’d work on’em and I’d go to save, and boosh photoshop would randomly crash, due to an illegal or somethin. But I know it’s probly not half as badas what you say about Poser. I feel for you, bro.

Vega, unfinished.


Sailor H… err, Silence Girl (Sailor Saturn), based on a fanfic. I like this one, even if the skirt look horrid.


“Ningas Kugon” – when a person in the middle of the project just loses interest in it. I was already feeling serious pangs of it, so I ended up not doing RMika’s frilly skirt and decided to finalize the image before I give up on it.

Tried a few new things on this one (all in the quest to find a shading method I can call my own sigh). As suggested, I tried placing highlights, which I hope aren’t too overpowering.


Woah thats some tasty 3D CG stuff man!

I made a few videos in CG Using Poser, After Effects and 3D max way back in 99 for Multimedia diploma. I made a rocking video for the Tool song “Third Eye”. That was all done on G3’s with 128 RAM with tiny hard drives. It was alot of fun and hard work.

I’m working on a video now using poser 4, bryce and mainly cel animation all mixed together. It’s coming along nicely. But the file sizes are massive and I’m running out of space on my slow, ancient computer.

Your models are looking great! R.Mika is my fav. That cel shaded stuff looks so cool. I wish we had it back in the day. Ahh the memories…

P.S: You a Bowie fan? Outside and Low are my fav albums.

Yeah, poser is a damn hog. I also run at 128Mb RAM, and at that memory RMika took 4 hours to render. Ugh.

Actually, my nick during highschool was Bowie. The “Granap” was due to the transformers movie.

I like your CG art. Makes me want to make stuff in CG again.

I like that R.Mika.

You’ve got the head proportions a bit large, is that intentional to bring out the manga feel? Otherwise she’s looking pretty good :slight_smile:

bowiegranap…ur so hot, can u make a cg avatar 4 me?

Hehe :slight_smile: