3D-Fighter Community excluded from the poll?

Hey there. A long time Lurker comes back from the shadows. :karate:

Most active SC Players are unable to vote for their game at EVO because new accounts are not allowed to vote in the Poll.
I know this rule has a reason and we all respect it.

But about 90% of the active SC4 community don’t have an account here, some even never heard about this site.
Why? Because this is a site mainly for 2D-Games.

Jaxel already tried to get heard in the Poll-Thread but his post has gone under in the flood of posts that come in to this thread day by day.

Maybe there is a way to interact a with the SC-Community @ 8wayrun.com to make this poll a little bit fairer

It is fair. You have Tekken 6 the only 3D game that matters. Sorry man. Shouldve been member of SRK before the poll started. It’s not our fault you didnt want to be a part of OUR community before it directly affected you.

It sucks for all communities that aren’t primarily run on shoryuken, on the other hand I can’t think of another way to make it so people can’t just make 20 accounts and vote.

That’s pretty bad logic. Vast majority of people on this site don’t play 3D at all, so why even have Soul Calibur on the list? You’re not correctly judging the amount of people that’d arrive for that tournament.

I suppose the whole can’t make a new account thing kind of sucks for you guys. On the other hand srk is the site to goto for EVO so I don’t know how your community could not know about it and care about being at EVO.

There is nothing that says only one 3D game can matter at a time. I guess you didn’t read my post that he quoted. Not only did I address this, but I also addressed tht 3D fighter players are NOT welcome here. We HAVE tried to be a part of YOUR community… I was even a premium member for a time, but the 2D community pretty much kicked me out. SRK has and will always be unwelcome to 3D players.

Its not as unfair to the Melty Blood or other 2D communities. SRK is a home for ALL 2D fighters; if you play a 2D game, you more than likely have an account here. But as I said, SRK is unwelcoming to 3D fighters; if you play a 3D game, more than likely you dont have an account here.

EVO2K.com is the site to go for EVO, not SRK. SRK is just the community to discuss EVO. On 8WR, we make it possible to discuss EVO in a community more inclined for 3D players. Even last year, here on SRK, you couldn’t really discuss Soulcalibur, as you get chased and flooded out by all the 2D players. So we all stuck to 8WR. The EVO video feed was even watchable from within the 8WR chat room.

EVO is SRK’s annual tournament, and it should be for the SRK community, and not people coming in from other communities making new accounts to vote, then never coming back to SRK forums.

soul calibur has been in an official EVO lineup before, and if that wasn’t incentive register years ago then you’re shit out of luck.

just register now and you can vote for soul calibur 5 next time. i tell that to all my friends who couldnt vote for obama.

SRK PUTS ON EVO FFS. (you dont want to be active in the SRK community, but you want the support from said communitys Tourney?!)

If these mythical MASSIVE 3D games communitys want to have more 3D games at Evo you have to do the following:

#1 be active on these forums, you can have your community here you know, its worked out well for alot of other games… ;p

#2 be active on the tourney circut, if there are ALOT of players, then the tourney support will come.

#3 Tourneys are NOT for building a community, its the other way around, community is for building Tourney support.

In short, if the 3D fighting community cannot get the numbers to show up and support these games, guess what? No 3D support at Evo. You have NO ONE to blame but yourselves, period.

Jeez… you people don’t listen. We CANT have a 3D community here, we HAVE tried, but YOU GUYS told us to go away. I’ve posted my tournaments here in the past, and people came into the thread telling me to shove off because we didn’t have any 2D games. This community is NOT welcoming to 3D players; no matter what you say wont change this FACT.

tekken zaibatsu

I don’t personally care which game wins the Players’ Choice poll, since I play SF HD Remix, but have cast my vote as Soul Calibur 4 for you guys. I enjoyed watching the top 8 last year.

SRK isn’t all bad, don’t let a few haters color your opinion of the whole community. :wink:

SC4 is only meant to be a red herring on the poll anyways…

We had 153 people sign up for SC4 last year… I think that shows we are willing to show up for EVO. Many of the people who signed up for SF4 last year, were only there for Soulcalibur… and if Soulcalibur wasn’t there, SF4 could have had less than a 1,000. We had a bigger turnout than some of the other main events. We had players from France, Singapore, Belgium, Korea, Philippines, Canada, Mexico, Dominican Republic and Russia. NO OTHER game at EVO had such a diverse community. A community must ALWAYS support new players. Many of the people who would go to EVO if it had SC4 are not registered on this site. If they could register and vote, they would. Many of the players who are voting for Melty Blood are probably not even going to EVO; they are just voting because they can. If you play a 3D fighting game, you have NO REASON to have an account on SRK; except to vote in this poll… and you can’t, because you didn’t register in time.

We had such a diverse community at EVO last year, that top 8 (which was HYPE as well), is literally the best players in the WORLD.

and kof 12 isnt???

If SRK is the official site of EVO, then you have NO REASON NOT to have an account on SRK; regardless of the game you play.

SRK is the official FORUM for EVO, not SITE, EVO2K is the official site of EVO. The only reason to register on SRK for EVO, is if you wan’t to talk with other players about EVO. 3D communities have no reason for this, we have our own forums. If we need to share rooms, plan money matches, etc, we do it on our own threads. 3D players have no reason to talk with the 2D community about 3D games; they will talk with other 3D players. Stop being an ass, you know what I say is true.

Forums/Site, whatever the semantics.

Listen moron, I’ve had a Tekken Zaibatsu account for years in spite of the fact that I don’t really play Tekken or 3D games (outside of dabbling in VF for the past few months) AT ALL.

If I knew that Tekken Zaibatsu was the forum made by the guys in charge of *the fighting game tournament of North America, and I wanted to see my 2D game at the * fighting game tournament of North America, I would register for it anyway. REGARDLESS of how often I would plan to use the site for anything else.

Stop being dumb, you know what I say is true.

I think your all underestimating the impact of having the Soul Calibur community at Evo. If the decision is made by the Evo staff to take the game the brings more players there thats the best choice by far because most of the field for those games will already be in attendance. Soul Calibur brings in players that arent already going to be at the event. They also pad the other brackets because a good 75% of the SC community will enter SF4… Hell the numbers change depending on who I talk to but I would be willing to bet if you didnt have SC4 at last years the numbers wouldnt be over 1k in attendance. While that may or may not be true the fact remains that we will draw in players that otherwise wouldnt attend the event and will bring up the numbers on the other events… In the end I think its upto the Evo staff and if they really want to put up another poll that lets us do a mass write in I doubt if we could lose unless people kept creating new accounts and spammed because if we put the international support for this game into a popularity contest its overwhelming. The whole dominican community as broke as they are still managed to make a big enough tourney where winning sent Omega to Evo… The top 8 at Evo really boiled down to the best players in the world, isnt that what Evo is all about?

Oh and did I mention WE BRING HYPE! I do remember us having the ONLY U S A chant that got the whole room behind it.

Return of Shiki - So you mean to tell me that the people who dont speak english but would travel here and pay to see the people from their countries but dont even speak english should already have an SRK account? The korean players couldnt even register for the right game last year and you expect them to have SRK accounts to vote in a poll… Or should we exclude the international competition?

you make a lot of assumptions about the melty community voting and not going to evo without backing it up, just like you saying that SRK is inhospitable for SC players. it also doesnt help if youre quoting a guy calling out melty players to be weeaboos and that melty blood is a “last gen” game (sc4 was released in 2008!)

Yea but its not really a 2d fighter forum. Its mostly a capcom fighter forum. Yet all the other communities still have accounts here even though its not there main forum. MBAA, GG/BB, Tekken all use different forums like SC4.

I think its sort of a shame that SC wont be there assuming some other game wins the vote since it brought in a lot of foreign players but I really don’t have any pity for not having accts.

edit: looks like ponder has solved this issue