3D KoF


If they can be able to do this, CvS3 could be highly possible to come out sometime, I mean, the only reason why we got SFxT already is because we already have a 3d street fighter, so a 3D KoF would be good for everybody



lol yeah no thanks


3D KOF and CvS3 both sound like terrible ideas.


I wouldn’t mind a 3D KoF if it had the same Gameplay. IE: Like Street Fighter 4. They would have to make new models… again. For all the characters.

I’m not one of those 3D haters, but a fighting game using that HAS to be done right or it won’t work at all.


Why do people hate kof maximum impact series its legit. I think its more fun than street fighter 4 and the ex series


The MI series were fun, the only downside is the terrible character design imo (Alba and Soiree cough…)




**[SIZE=3]I like Alba Meira second outfit doe, it kind of look like cyclops to me **[/SIZE]


If there is one thing i like about KoF its the artstyle. I am no 3D hater myself, but i appreciate the beautiful characters in the series. It makes the game stand out. So, yeah, i disagree. Let the SFs, Marvels and MKs of the world use 3D models in a 2D system, no need for another game :slight_smile:


MIRA is seriously underrated. The game just came on a bad time lol (the first MI being bad did not helped anything either) - but MIRA is legit.

And I’m on the minority who liked Falcon’s characters. Especially Nagase lol


my thoughts exactly, I want SNK to just dump money into more sprites thank you very much

yamazaki in hd sounds excellent


Man too bad MI3 was cancelled.


cvs3 release date is unknown, i dont think snk or capcom is even thinking of making one in the future.
sad how mvc2 got a third installment while cvs2 is left hanging even though it was a pretty good game.


It was supposed to have more Fighter’s History characters too. :frowning:


lol at dudes hating on Maximum Impact. You just don’t know. The new characters were great…Falcoon’s designs were not.


3d will make it suck, like SSF4.