3d modeling, and super street fighter 4


Hey everybody,
If anyone remembers the good old days when SF4 was on PC, and modding/model extraction was possible, this would be the place to come. I know that it is possible to extract 3d models from PS3 and xbox360 games, and this game should be no exception. I have been trying to get a hold of the 3d model of Ibuki from SSF4 for a bit now, but since I have no blueray drive for my computer, and downloading the game is illegal and would take too long, I have been having difficulties.
For the people that say, “ripping 3d models from games is copyright infringement.”, I have this response. I intend to use the model for my own projects, none of which are going to be sold or published in any way, except maybe a machinima video on youtube. Personal use is NOT copyright infringement.
With that said, if anyone knows how to extract the character models from SSF4, or already has them, could someone help me get my hands on Ibuki?
That would make my week.
Thanks in advance,


Anyone? Does anyone know how to get the models from SSF4?

EDIT: Or are people just going to ignore me like they always do?