3d Movement: A De-Evolution in fighters

I’m here to discuss an issue that not many are willing to address. The inferiority of 3d fighters to 2d fighters. Namely due to one factor:

3d movement. This style of movement completely ruins classic fighting game conventions and creates a busted system incapable of capturing the exciting playstyles of 2d games. How does 3d movement ruin fighters? They ruin:

-Juggling: 2d fighters have perfected juggling. It’s limited, but not too much, allowing for creative and unique combos in the system. 3d fighters juggling looks stupid as sin, not only are the juggling systems totally broken(ie. jabbing someone the instant they touch the floor somehow bounces them way back into the air), they’re horribly animated and look unbelievably stupid. This is made even worse by the fact 3d fighters try to do some odd sense of “realism” in which the characters can’t leap way into the air or generally toss fireballs and such like 2d fighting game characters, yet they can ankle punch one another and keep bouncing people into the air.

-Jumping: in 3d fighters characters can barely jump, this is due to the 3d movement system. When characters can move in 3d, being able to jump high can cause a lot of disruptions. In Tekken for instance, imagine if you could jump as high and far as a 2d character could. Some guy tries to hit you, and you simply sail over his head like an astronaut on the moon. In Tekken 2 the one saving grace to this was the game was still largely set in 2d movement.

The other problem with jumps in 3d fighters is that they were always bastardized versions of 2d fighter jumps. Instead of a swift jump where your character leaps through the air, in 3d fighters your character either does a godawful quick floaty hop(such as in modern Tekken) or a long floaty moon jump. During both you lack control of your character, unable to even attack really. All thanks to the limitations of 3d movement.

-Sidestepping. Sidestepping completely ruins zoning and makes projectiles in 3d fighters impossible. Who honestly uses Devil Jin’s laser in Tekken? No one, that’s who, because you see it coming from a mile away and can simply sidestep in any direction to avoid it. Being hit by that move is like being hit by a piece of chalk being thrown very slowly at you by a retard; if you get hit by that you suck dick.
The only good projectile in a 2d fighter are Algol’s bubbles in SC4, and that’s only because he can literally fill the entire screen with them. The only way to make projectiles and zoning viable in a 3d fighter is by making the projectile so broken and bullshit that it’s almost impossible to sidestep.

-Walls. 3d games try to be somewhat “real”, in the sense that there is no edge of the screen as in 2d fighters, but physical walls. This means in 3d fighters, the wall is way too much of a fighter in fights. You either get lack of walls which result in ringouts, or walls which result in you being knocked into them ad nauseum as they cause extended hitstun, creating situations where gameplay revolves entirely around knocking people into walls for long bullshit combos. Corner traps in 2d fighters cannot be done in 3d thanks to the goofy wall system.

So lets look here, in a 3d fighter due to this so called fantastic revolutionary 3d movement, you can’t have:

-actual jumps that can be controlled and used for jump in attacks and meaties
-different kinds of jumps
-corner traps
-cancels(no 3d fighter has moves that can cancel, this is because unlike 2d, 3d models would look godawful in animation seeing a character suddenly stop a move to do another one right away)
-zoning of any kind

The only solution I can even think of for the jumping and movement issue is to use a camera behind the player, which frankly has no place in a fighting game and would ruin gameplay completely. This is why 3d fighters should be banned from EVO. No one likes them, everyone likes 2d better. The streams don’t lie, anytime Marvel is on people are excited as hell, same for MK9 and SF4. Anytime Tekken or VF were featured on any stream ever, most people left the stream, with the few who stayed despising the games and being bored out of their minds. Tekken is THE example of just how fucking boring 3d fighters are, that shit is lamer than watching paint dry. Grats on a fighter with two people with limited stiff animation fighting boringly on the ground in preset chains that can’t be canceled, no jumping outside of lame ass hopkicks, and the only real strategy being “launch that guy and punch his ankles til he flies into the wall”.

Your arguement is kind of one-sided, there are 3d fighters that do exactly what you say they don’t. Naruto GNT4, arguably the best in the series, pretty much single-handedly invalidates every single one of your claims as it has invisible walls that function exactly as they do in 2d fighters, utilizes jumping in an intuitive way, has cancels+useful projectiles and has zoning characters. Unfortunately, the most recent naruto fighters throw this depth out the window, Storm is complete trash and I still can’t believe they haven’t abolished it yet.

You have a good argument, you just need to acknowledge the fact that there are fighters that try.

Inferior Limb Based Combat?

stopped reading right there. I get the feeling you’re this guy.

Holy shit, this is not the first post that I would have made on SRK. It’s like the complete opposite viewpoint of the Superior Limb Based Combat troll.

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Blatant counter-troll is blatant.

So your argument is that 3D fighters are bad because they don’t play identically to 2D fighters? I’d have to agree that you’re either trolling or really stupid.

There is a lot of truth in what the OP says, but he’s an obvious troll.