3D Printed Arcade Stick Case

Hey Guys~~ !

Here’s the link to my 3D Printed arcade stick case. Warning you’ll need a large printer (Anycubic Chiron, Creality CR-10) because it is quite large.

It was design so you can print an artwork on a A4 paper size.
I used a metal plate and rubber feet from Focus Attack to close it.

My version was for a Supergun/Atomiswave, but there is stands for a Zero Delay USB (if you want it for a Rapsberry Pi) or a Brook UFB.

Fixation holes for the sticks are compatible with most stick plate (tested with a knock off Sanwa)
Buttons holes are all 30mm

Here’s a video of my build where everything went wrong:




Out of curiosity, how much would you estimate it costs to buy a printer big enough to actually mold this?

Creality CR10s or Anycubic products (MegaX or Chiron) are roughtly 500 USD depending where you buy it and if you get promotion/sales on them.
You need at least 300x220 of printing surface (artwork is supposed to be printed on 297x210mm A4 paper, the stick is slightly smaller to have some margin/bleeding when you print the artwork)