3D Printer to make fightstick cases


Any thoughts?


Awful expensive now and I don’t think the printers are being used much to make final product.

Some resins used with these printers are re-useable, yes, and that helps save a bit on production but the start-up costs for the hardware and software are still large.

To make something like a joystick case, you’d need equipment bigger than what they typically sell to the public and that would cost a nice penny for hardware that could end weighing 8-10 lbs empty unless you put most of the weight into the baseplate which is why those are made of metal (steel?). This is still big for what I’ve seen of 3D printers.

3D printers are generally used to make small models and quick prototypes. I don’t think they’re practical yet for mass-production of larger-scale parts, let alone entire integrated components or the more ambitious members of the modeling community would be using them more. They’re just not very practical for most large-scale products and certainly not for mass-production yet last I’ve heard.


I agree.

I believe a laser cutter or a CNC machine is preferable to a 3D printer for making Joystick cases.
All of Art Hobbies Plexies are Laser Cut. And I have a Plexy and a metal panel thats been custom cut on a CNC machine.