3D Printing A Balltop, quick question


Ok, so my brother-in-law does graphic design and has access to a 3D printer and was taking requests for things to print. So I approached him about printing a custom balltop (awesome right?).

Anyway designing and printing the thing is going well, but I’m running into a small problem that I need some help on. I’ve been looking for a plug to insert into the balltop to screw on to JLF sticks, but I can’t find one for the life of me. What I have found at the battop adapters (http://www.focusattack.com/sanwa-lb-30-n-s-battop-adapter/) that I think I can work with. I would just need the dimensions on the thing so I can make a proper hole in the custom balltop. Does anyone know the dimensions on the LB-30 N-S?

Alternatively, does anyone know what else I could use to screw onto a JLF stick? Like a plug that has the right threading or where I can get the actual plug the use in real balltops?

EDIT: After doing more searching, I found out that the Sanwa JLF threading is M-6 and that you can get inserts from http://www.insertsdirect.com/


You could buy some nuts at a harware store. Or 3d Print threads into the balltop.


Print some clear battops and sell them.


The balltop is going to be a hard plastic and I don’t thing it would be durable enough over time. Could get warped when it gets hot.

However…I do have the option to get it printed in some sort of metal. If I do that I might ask for the treading to be printed. Still up in the air.


Print it solid round then drill and tap the 6mm thread. If it fails later down the line, then drill and tap a 10mm thread an get a 10mm to 6mm adapter.


You can print in metal now???

IF you can do that, you might as well go ahead and see if you can integrate the threading into the design so that you don’t have to buy adapter screw threads.


Goddamn, technology these days…