3d Ruby Heart Work in Progress




I was just running a test for the hair, I’m probably not gonna keep what I have there. Normally I draw stuff out before modeling but with this I’m kinda just wingin it…


what modelling program are you using?
lookin’ good there


can’t wait to see the finished product. :slight_smile:


you should make her chin more sharper


I’m using 3d Studio Max 9…


i hear max is hard for organic things like people. 9 is my favorite version of 3dsmax =)


ah, then carry on.Im sure the end product will look good. I didnt think these 3d programs were as hard as people said they were


Good shit



I’m thinkin about makin the Phantome that she summons too. I like the way the hair looked before, but this renders faster. I’m not sure how to go about makin the bottom part of the jacket. (considering I want her to be moving). This update was kiiiiinda over do. I’ve just been busy. Thanks for the positive comments. Means a lot…


Just unwrapped and I threw some basic colors on just to test the new map