3D SF Backgrounds (Update Gen A2 Stage now W.I.P)

Put this together in Unreal Engine 3, using some scratch built geometry and the Asian architecture packages from the game Unreal Tournament 3. Its unfinished and a bit rough, but I managed to get the castle pretty accurate I think. If people like it, I might return to it and finish it.



My level design work in UE3 for Gears of War and Unreal Tournament 3 can be found HERE


Thought it would be cool to show the workflow. Here starting with primary geometry, trying to get the proportions right.

Introducing basic lighting early on.

Now fleshing out the forms and complexty of the lighting.

Now begining texturing.

Introducing post-processing and distance fogging.

More brushwork, lighting complexity.


Check back for more updates…

That is freaking awesome, makes me want to make a 3D Ryu to stick in there :wink:

That’s damn good.

oh shit!!!:wow::lovin::tup::tup::tup:

finish it, plz!

Nice job crayfish, well done.

nice, keep working on it!

that’s friggin amazing man. please do finish! hell make more if you want nudge nudge :smiley:

EP-IC!!! i think theres a sfiv pc bonus level mod. you have to add this somehow

that is a very nice start
and i’m thinking they chose the wrong art style for sf4 after seeing that.

Thats pretty freaking imrpessive…

man thats nice. should make a ryu using the ue3

oh thats sweet! Yes! Do finish this. I would love to have old stages back in SFIV. Doesn’t have be all of them. But places like Ryu’s stage would be most welcomed.

Wow kudos this is beatiful wowoww

beautiful, now all that is left is to stick a 2d hd ryu :stuck_out_tongue:

That is impressive. Hope you decide to complete it.

Thanks for all the support guys. I have taken this scene about as far as I can with the stock assets within UT3, so Id need to make some custom content to complete it. I’ve just started training in 3DS Max and texturing within Unreal Engine 3 itself, so I might well finish this. If not I definately plan to recreate another background as a 3D modeling project. Maybe Gen’s SFA2 stge (since thats fairly simple) or maybe Honda’s SF2 stage, once I get a bit more advanced with wet, shiny materials and the like.

Keep us posted

gen stage is so awesome hope you do that next. post up any updates on ryus stage as well. you could do some serious damage, in the good way, with the sfiv pc model editor.

Updated first post, with Gen Alpha 2 stage WIP :slight_smile: