3D Udon Poster


Hi guys just thought I would share my 3D Udon poster that I’m working on right now, let me know what you guys think


btw, Evil Ryu is taking up Akuma’s space(for now) and I still need to fix the backround a bit and buy more accessories :stuck_out_tongue:


thats a cool collection you got going were did you get the background


ninja edit: Maybe if I didn’t fail at the internet.


Heheheh very well done. You really know how to create a set up. Very similar to the poster’s composition. I dig it!


Keep updating as more characters get released!

I’d really like to see the whole thing finished.

And then you can do SF #1!!!


Thanx guys, yea I’ma keep updating it till everyone is in it, but damn this thing won’t probably be done till like 2008 :stuck_out_tongue:


just hope that sota/voters put out all the alpha characters


well done :tup:
I hope to see Akuma added to this nice collection in the near future…




Keep up the good work!


Nice…VERY nice…


That’s great stuff!




Thanx for the Great Responses guys, Can’t wait to finish it


Where’d the background come from?


The original pic came from a A-F forum poster. I just edited it to make it more Wide


Dude, you’ve inspired me to start my own diarama.


Thats cool, glad to be an inspiration :slight_smile: