3DO Pad hacking and Fighting Putt Genesis... Will the PCBs work?

Well I was going through my stuff and found I have two non-working 3DO controllers in my “partially broken” box.

first of all assuming I haven’t touched it in any way and it worked last time I tried is it safe to plug in the 3DO controller to see what’s wrong with it, for the purposes of determining whether it’s salvageable for a fight stick pad hack or not.

Two, should I assume that if some of the directions work and some don’t it’s probably a loose wire between the joystick actuator and the circuit.

Free I heard they never made any real 3DO controller circuits in the retro. It’s like daisy chaining that’s causing all these problems. I heard the only way you can take a 3D o circuit is if it’s the last joystick on the daisy chain. If these pads are able to daisy chain, then it might be valuable as a pad hack.

Four, I’m going to send these to my man Stan in California. Can he test this it in a way that doesn’t have me ship my 3DO system from Ohio to California and back?

Five about The “padhacking” thread I recently submitted a “treasure map” of the Panasonic 3DO pad. Since the owner of that thread stickies the actual treasure maps to the front, can that person do the same for the 3DO? Since you can’t easily incorporate it in a multi-pcb these are in higher demand to solder vs stuff available in Paradise Cthulhu, PS360+, and Jasen x Brook Retro Multi, maybe others can find my map useful. (even though the words are French, but nothing Google Translate can’t solve.)

I emailed both my found 3DO map and an existing N64 treasure map to my friendly joystick man, Stan. Thank you.

Also I notice the Fighting Putt Sega-ripoff Genesis 6 button controller may or may not have a Mode button. Will the lack of a mode button only affect 8 button games and being able to turn it to 3 button mode, or if there is no mode button in the circuit, will there be more problems than just a missing button?

Finally, any one got an Atari Jaguar 3 button padhack treasure map for all buttons, including keypad? And I heard 4,6,7,8,9 equals L R Z Y X. If that’s correct, then you can turn a 3 button Jag controller into a 6.