3DS viable portable training aid?


So I just got into AE and picked up a TE stick the other day, very low level at the moment, I also have Nintendo 3DS with ssfiv.

Just wondering what thoughts were on using my 3DS (at work on breaks etc) to up my game in general?

I figured at my low level it can’t hurt to get a feel for timings and character move sets etc?

Can see you see any other benefits? Does anyone else do this?


The timings could be out for some characters, also, I had 3DE too and I found out (after I sold the 3DS and 3DE) that you can turn off the 3D (I knew that) but that also then there is an option somewhere to put the game into 60fps mode (i.e. just turning the slider down doesn’t do this).

As you say though, can’t hurt, I am using SFA3MAX to help me and that isn’t even the same engine!

Finally, as a personal opinion, I think as a game, MAX steals 3DE’s dinner money every day :slight_smile: