3G 8GB IPhone with SF4 + extras

Had my fun with the iphone, but I have a couple phones. This one has to go. This one is not perfect. I’ll disclose what I can about the bad. First off the backing has surface scratches but nothing is cracked. It was not dropped as there are no signs of chips/dents or any of the nature. Secondly, when the earphone is plugged in, you only get mono sound (left ear only). That’s as much as I noticed.

I’m currently running on T-mobile. Comes with awesome games such as Street Fighter =), The Simpsons, Mega Jump, and Words with Friends. It’s ready to download plenty more. I always used a screen protector and recently got the Incase for it. It was $40 for that piece of plastic. Bluetooth works perfect as I obey the law and use hands free devices. Will include two free cases, orange and red/black. Also have the wall charger/usb cable. Asking $250 shipped. E-mail me at jamesepoop@yahoo.com or PM if you have further questions.