~3k PP One win, and they won't play again?

When I play my main I generally start passing this area and go up to ~3500-3800, but whenever I’m sitting pretty much around ~2800-3300, like half the time if someone beats me ONE time, they wont play again. Is this like some hidden epeen zone where if you’re sitting here you’re the best? Or at least think you are? I could understand if you raped me multiple times, thats fine. And most times I’m really not even salty sometimes it was a good game and I just want to run it back and see if I can play better.

Is there some other reason I don’t know? Matches were good. Most cases we’re near even sometimes I’m higher in PP, so points can’t really be an issue.

they are giant babies?

this, i don’t wanna rematch people sometimes cuss im a little bitch and ill take the win.

Nobody wants to deal with a salty baby.

its like that for the most part anywhere above 3k. people value their points. if theres too much of a chance of losing, they dont want to risk it.

its silly because it can really hamper development. we had a good match and all, but i gotta keep my points above 3k so you get the boot if you rejoin me.

i think its mostly because they arent confident that they can get back up there if they lose. i fight whoever tho. ive had drops all the way back to 1600 because i kept fighting the same guy for a half hour. to me it was good exp, and i know i can get back pretty easy

I have gotten kicked for almost winning and winning against several players with 4000pp+

This is why people say points do not really matter, its because a small group of people build them up when the game launches, kicks any threat to it and only plays against other people they know are high in points.

This is why you ignore ranked and take your ass to player match.

This happens in plenty of games with people cherry picking their opponents.

Had a guy rape me once with Sagat. Dude jumps RIGHT back in for another ranked match.

Beat him by double timeout just to make a fucking point. Dude is never heard from again.

That’s why I feel we should only be able to see the quality of connexion of the opponent, and not his name in the matchmaking screen.

i disagree.

yes, ft50s are good for your own development, but you’re not going to play ft50s in a tournament. most of your matches will be ft2, and only in the most extreme scenario (winners and grand finals ft3, and you reset the bracket in gf) you’re only going to play the same player up to 15 times in a tournament.

someone who conditions themselves by playing random players online and playing only one set of one match can definitely benefit from the experience (unless they’re just gimmicking their way to a win) when you only play one match and when you’re trying your hardest to win each match, you simply play better. you adapt faster and you analyze opposing strategies/gimmicks faster. you’re extremely focused and make fewer mistakes. basically… you learn how to play in tournament.

even in a tourney tho, its still 2/3. no one said play 10 game sets. denying someone a chance at a rematch is kinda weak

What’s hilarious is being the higher-ranked player, when someone comes in, gets beat, comes back, gets beat again, and repeats a few more times… until they random out a win, at which point they completely disappear.

I don’t often kick people when they join my lobbies, but when I do, I do it because: the connection sucks, the connection is green but is pretty shitty when I actually play them, they suck at the game, or I just might not feel like playing the same dude like 80 times in a row. It sounds like the people OP is talking about just take their internet pointz a little too seriously, but every once in a while I kick people and then get messages like “lol u mad that I beat u?” and it’s like “yeah, totally that, and totally not because I don’t want to play on a shit-ass connection when 90% of the time things are a lot more playable.”

player matches aren’t no different.

>preson joins got over 3kpp
>win or lose the match

and i sit there wondering how the “scrubs” are more dedicated to playing a set then these so called “good” players

It makes sense if you want to be considered a ‘good’ player online, and online play is all you care about; in that case, the only way to quantify anything is through your points and ranking, so I can see valuing that above all else. Densuo is right about pointing out the other side, players who farm weaker opponents to increase their points/ranking, it’s happened to me and its not fun :(. That said, I don’t have a problem with it, as people want to prove how good they are, and black and white numbers are the only thing that matter to a hardcore online player. I agree with Mike about it hampering growth, but that assumes you are interested in elevating your game to the highest possible level, which a lot of players aren’t; they just want to get to a point where they are highly ranked online, however they can get there, and that is what their Street Fighter experience is. I know most of this everyone already knows this, at least on some level, but it helps to think about where the person who booted you is coming from, even if you don’t agree, so you don’t take it personally :).

Is farming of easy opponents that common in ranked? I’ve always suspected that to be the case, but have no way of knowing. How do most people play their ranked matches, by picking opponents on the search menu? If that was the case, I can imagine a lot of cherry picking going on.

When I’m playing ranked (which is almost all the time except for occasional endless matches with good players who have friended me through ranked), I go on Arcade mode and turn fight request on, because I feel that is the way you get the purest consistent competition. I take on all challengers (except laggers and really bad players who are a waste of my time), even the really good ones who destroy me (where I suspect I am the one being farmed for points lol).

The points are nothing more than a proxy for quantifying skill level; they are a means to an end (being a highly skilled player), not the end itself. If you gain points without challenging yourself, what’s the point? You’ll just get beat as soon as you fight anyone worth his salt…

I’ve had the complete opposite…
Someone who joins my lobby, beats me, plays me OVER AND OVER again until I starting picking up the habits the guy has.

As SOON as I beat him, the next lobby I put up is empty as fuck.

Players fishin for points, leave as soon as the fish start biting back.

Only reason to kick anyone is if they have crap connection. Points are pointless (ah~HA!) due to the laggy nature of online.

You never know if you won or lost due to lag advantage or disadvantage, so it becomes a moot point in the end.

You never know if that meaty jump in landed because your opponent tried to AA but due to lag, got opened up and ate a big fat combo. You never know if you landed that throw even though your opponent throw tech correctly, but due to lag, it didn’t work. Vice versa with yourself.

But if points are all that matters, then online should never be taken too seriously by those who don’t care about points.

I went from 3300+ to 2200+ yesterday. I think I got perfected by a 1700+ Guy too. Totally frustrating experience but now I feel like a free man, with nothing to lose.

As a general rule, I try not to play the same person more than once per day in ranked although I’m tempted to rematch people if I think they got a lucky win. Nothing more annoying than someone with an 8-2 or 7-3 matchup and low points who wants to keep replaying you.

I don’t care. You wanna fight me again? Fine. Your loss.