3on3 Exhibition read up SW crew!

Sup guys looks like the chobo is the cap for the team so i wanna give everyone who deservs a shot at the spot welll a shot. D:

right now im thinking 1 from az 1 from TX but… if AZ can provide 2 good players or TX can provide 2 good players its going that way. Im not picking favorites just wanna rep the best aspossible so if you think you deserv a shot hollar at me over aim or pm.

It would also help if you guys dropped names on who you think should be on the team thx.

holla @Cha boy!

Power-Dn should be on the team for sure. He’s the most consistent and overall best player in the region. This guy I play with, Skimitar, is also really good. He just doesn’t go to a lot of tournaments so he doesn’t have a giant APEX profile :frowning:

You should Put Carnevil in the team, that bitch Beasted at MWC. Now that my Friend was too good.

There’s a problem… seems like most of TX don’t wanna go to Consolution 2k4.
I’m going but I suck in MvC2 so I’m not gonna say anything =P.



and or Joe Reyna/Daniel

no contest…Joe hands down…this is for Evo right?


And yeah, Joe is hella good.

whos joe o_O

it’s a friend of mine that i play practice with…he got 7th at TS4…Snareboy is his apex name…but he post under Joe R.:lol:

Thanks for the kind words peeps, but I prolly won’t be making it to Evo. I throw my vote to either Brad or Joe. They both did very well at MWC. Brad beasted in the team tourney and Joe played so well that Demon Hyo and Rick Mears asked him to join their MvC2 team.

In the end, it really comes down to who is actually going. What MvC2 players ARE going?

yo momma

a sw team without a NO memeber is just a dumb ass fuckin idea, patrick is probly one of the strongest peeps out here.

nah… I vote for Duane… but if not, Patrick fo realz.! I just think Duane has everything. He’s coo and he’s hella good

Is Patrick going to Evo? What about Duane and Chris?

i agree 100% with this statement…NO is part of the Southwest…i think the contenders for a spot are patrick, duane, or creecy…since when did AZ become part of the SW…:wtf: (no offense guys)…but then again, the Cannons associate LA, Cali as the SW…:wtf:

daniel…as far as i know, patrick is going to Evo…i saw him post that somewhere…if anything, he should have that spot…besides, people wanna see rouge…give the people what they want…:p:

my vote (not that it means anything)

Vejita-x and magneto_x from New Orleans…

whooooooooooo vinny!!!

yes he is, i dindt mention chris because hes moving b4 evo and i dunno how that would reflect his goin or him reping sw
duane last i talked to him was sckeptical of goin but i dunno, its easier to turn water into wine then contact anyone from NO.

this is retarded. i thought the SW was just texas and LA. theres 3 great players in LA and i guess u can find 2 good players in tx. vinny and daniel i guess.

and why is ruin the captain? i would think creecy would be the captain after ECC9

Agreed in TX showdown thoughi beat Ceecy/Vegita-x/Marvelous/Rashaan

so yea… :\ For whatevers reason i was picked.