3P and 3K?!!!!!!!!!!


Whether I’m incompetent at games or not, I’ve played for example SFA3 for over a decade, first on the PSX, then on Kaillera, then MAME, GGPO, 2DF, SuperCade, back to GGPO and finally to FightCade, and FightCade is the only one that is “more authentic than anything before it, and even Capcom and Capcom Pro Tour itself”.

You tell me who or what sucks, if you just take a minute.


So then you have never played A3 on arcade (it’s intended platform) then? What Arcade cab have you ever seen with button binds?


My point still stands. All emulators prior to this holier-than-thou FightCade has offered 3P & 3K; even SF4 and SF5 do.

But, “FightCade is more authentic SF than SF4 and SF5”.


yes it is more authentic, but i dont see whats the big deal is, is it more you have an execution problem? or you need those buttons to do supers easy? because i can say at least 95% percent of us just play without the 3p and 3k buttons


NG1313, you are missing the point.
You can’t play SF4 on Fightcade.
Fightcade is meant for retro games.
You don’t need those buttons.


I am the one who is missing the point?? Wow!


You kind of are. Why are you getting upset because you cant do TAP or tornado fist with one button? The retro games only had three punch/kick buttons each on the arcade cabs so the players back then adapted to it. Instead of complaining about it go and learn to play like the guys and girls before you.

P.S. If anything you should be glad that you get to play and learn the game on emulators and consoles at home instead of having to play trial and error one quarter at a time in an arcade. Stop taking this shit for granted.


Suddenly we’re talking about “retro games” as if the Roms are bound by an ancient “retro cabinet” blood pact.


Basically what I’m getting from your POV is “I’m mad because I have to play the game the way it’s supposed to be played.” Just learn how to play the game properly instead of whining like a bitch.


No, I’m mad because FightCade decides to stay stuck in the past - as if competitive play didn’t eventually move from arcades, and as if the current SF games aren’t played on consoles, and as if every predecessor to FightCade hasn’t allowed 3P&3K just like SF4 and SF5 do, and in short as if it hasn’t actually been 15 years of evolution from arcades to consoles or PCs where 3P&3K are the norm because pads as opposed to sticks are the norm, and which FightCade just tosses to the side because it wants to stay in a magical arcadey place that existed a long fucking time ago.


I agree with you that why not support it if GGPO already did it before.
However, the way I see it is that it will only make sense when new and modern games are supported in Fightcade.
Obviously, I only care about arcade games so we’ll always disagree.
I also disagree that pads are the norm. Just look at this weekend’s EVO and you will see that 90% are sticks if not more (if we talk about SF only. You know better than me for sure if we talk about other games)


Well I think you got your wish OP, seems like the fightcade update I just grabbed added 3P and 3K for both players, enjoy.

Just of note, tested in 3s because that’s what I was playing when I tried the update; back in a few with ST info.
Works with ST and I’d say correctly. Tested Boxer TAP inputs with a stick and keyboard at the same time and holding the keyboard 3p button that I assigned disables punches on a stick. Don’t care to test any further because I don’t agree with it in the first place for ST.


It does make backflips almost criminally easy. That said, if it doesn’t allow for impossible things like was originally theorized I’m fine with it.


Good, but still moronic beyond the far reaches of the retarded scale to ignore the norm of 15 years of PC SF online in the first place. I can’t forgive that just because they rectified a moronic mistake like 2 years later. These are the kind of people I wouldn’t invest one dime with.


I approve 3P and 3K


Question: Why are people against (or baffled by people wanting) an optional usability feature that’s been standard for who knows how long? There’s no need to use it, it will improve some people’s play experience (and maybe be necessary with crappier keyboards) and seems to work correctly ie. exactly as if you’d pressed the individual buttons down, so doing impossible things should be impossible.

It’s not like Fightcade is a tournament, it’s not like you’re forced to use it, it’s not like everyone’s goal is arcade perfection (and we’re a couple miles away from it by using an old build of FBA anyway). Why the fuss?


The ST community by and large is all in on being as authentic as possible. Playing on fightcade is obviously not as ideal as playing on CPS2 but it still follows the arcade rules 3P/3K notwithstanding.


Yeah, obviously. I’m just interested in the interest in not having options for people not interested in that. Having the possibility to be as close to arcade as possible should obviously be first priority, but we’re talking options here. It’s like saying Smash should only be played as items on silly four player FFA or Fox only Final Destination no fun allowed or something.


shut the fuck up and take a walk scrub :coffee:


Late to the game, but for the record, I’m against 3p and 3k buttons in super turbo.

But also for the record. there ARE 3p and 3k bindings on fightcade. Scroll to the very bottom, the default is set to F and V on the keyboard. you can change those settings in the ini file of your game. I have to do that for certain games which I prefer to play on keyboard and I need to remap 3p and 3k to something else so I don’t hit the buttons.

Finally, ST tournaments that are run @ capcom pro tour (They’re using my setup and another @ Canada Cup) are on supergun or arcade setups. go to one. There are no 3p and 3k bindings on them. So no, capcom pro tour does not allow 3p and 3k bindings for ST.

Also SF2 is more true to core fighting games than SF4. and i’m being nice. I wanted to say SF2 is more authentic than SF4.