3rd + 4th Arcana Heart 2 tournaments @ Chinatown Fair RESULTS + Video

Dat New Footage (from the 3rd AH2 CF tourney on 4/25)

Results from this tourney:

  1. Ken (Kira)
  2. Sabin (Heart)
  3. Saotome Kaneda (Kira)/Andre (Clarice/Mei-Fang) TIED

Highlights from this tourney:

  • Ken getting his first tourney win
  • SK coming alll the way from Japan to lose to Ken’s Kira by a pixel, you in America now, hop the fuck off that Tekken 6 lol
  • Ken getting his first tourney win over me (good job)
  • Nas landing Fiona’s Critical Heart, and niggas was getting HYPHY, only for epic fail :sad:

Results from Saturday’s tourney on 4/26 (but no footage) :sad:

  1. Sabin (Heart)
  2. Ken (Kira)
  3. Demon Hyo (Saki) / ??? (lost the bracket for this one guys, sorry!) lol


  • Ken beating Andre AGAIN in Saturday’s tourney, what is this madness?!?
  • DS beating SK in dat EPIC runback (~Hai! Back to Japan!) lol
  • Philly showing up which was pretty cool and Demon Hyo getting top 3 in his first showing
  • Me coming back on Ken in the finals to win it all after I was getting perfected in round 2, only to make a epic comeback in the same round. :woot:

Anyway, Justin/Ken have won 1 tourney a piece, and I’ve won 2 after 4 tourneys so far.

Video (tourney footage)

[media=youtube]Nh8aUPrNLmw"[/media] <- start of round 3 made me chuckle inside to
[media=youtube]Ws0rDKG2-HM"[/media] <-- damn Vic, damn
[media=youtube]US1Nv4rDNgY"[/media] <-- 2nd round is EPIC FAIL on Fiona’s part :sad:
[media=youtube]F05nb2UQK-Y"[/media] <-- sry Vic I <3 you nohomo
[media=youtube]vjILgM7H5kc"[/media] <-- Congrats on your first win Ken.

Random Money Matches, and POPPIN THE FUCK OFF CASUALS

[media=youtube]5hOTbkVOeXQ"[/media] <-- 2/3 for $10
[media=youtube]XIDg73Cvc1g"[/media] <-- runback from the first MM

[media=youtube]Su-fs01fzSk"[/media]Deathscythe (Zenia) vs Andre (Clarice) CASUALS

Damn, why niggas gotta run shit the days I’m never there? :confused:

Good shit to everyone either way, Ken holding that vicarious W in his chest :rofl:

Ken’s Kira is fierce, fuck saying sorry. Good shit dudes.

I was there for the one that just passed and although I didnt see the finals…very entertaining matches.

Nice job guys, glad to see AH2 is getting the play!