3rd Annual End of Summer Tournament! 9/06/09 Results!


I barely got any sleep. I didn’t really get to play in more games outside o TvC and SC4, but it was ok. I got to see some nice BB and SF 4 matches.

The turnout was not as big with many people that said they were showing up, did not show up. But I think we still got a decent size crowd and many games were played. I guess a Sunday event is hard to go to, even on Labor Day weekend. >_>

Here are the results:

Soul Calibur 4

1st - Aru
2nd - Cosmo
3rd - Joshua
4th - Dark Kakashi

Tatsunoko vs Capcom

1st - Kurasa
2nd - Jmoney
3rd - Joshua
4th - Cookies
5th - Kenny
5th - Kevin
7th - Dark Kakashi


1st - Jmoney
2nd - Fenix
3rd - Dr. Monster
4th - Kurasa
5th - Mendoza
5th - Joshua
7th - Cookie
7th - Mattm

Street Fighter 4

1st - Aki
2nd - Bombchivo
3rd - Jmoney
4th - Mattm
5th - Apples
5th - Esoul
7th - Chris
7th - Joshua
9th - Kenny
9th - Cookie
9th - Dark Kakashi
13th - Chubbs

Raffel Winners

Roxxy - Wood Sword
Kevin Fair - Gamecube Joybox
Jmoney - Gamecube Joybox
Fenix - Wii Arcade Stick

Hope everyone had a fun time. I tried to keep the place as cool as possible unlike last year. So hope you guys enjoyed the portable AC. XD

Food arrive kinda late, but I hope everyone that ate enjoyed it. You guys destroyed all the food I cooked… ;o;

Thank you all for showing up and supporting the event. I will work on trying to make another event in the fall before the year is up. Don’t know when though, but it was nice to see some familiar faces and some faces I haven’t seen in a while.

Congrats to Aru for taking SC4. Cosmo and Joshua pretty much destroyed me in SC4, But at least I was able to pull off some random stuff on them! Yeah! I took out Jonathan, that is all that matters! =p

Congrats to all the winners. Kurasa had a $50 bonus for TvC for whoever could knockout him out and win, and Kurasa made sure no one took that money. XD

Good stuff to a lot of people. Nice to see some really good matches in BB and SF4. SF4 grand finals was hype, Bombchivo coming from behind forcing a 2nd set and taking it to the final game, final round. You need to show up to more events man!

Aki winning with Gief, for Mother Russia!


ggs to everyone.

Thanks mike for hosting. I had a fun time. I wish you recorded those matches.
I also left my cooler there so hold onto it.

Lol at all the j money hate yesterday. Good shit bro.

BB was pretty hype as well.

Hopefully everyone can get together more often and play games.


There was a raffle?

Also, I imagine Tekken/KOF never happened then?


The gap from 2nd to 3rd in SC4 should look like this:

1st - Aru
2nd - Cosmo
3rd - Joshua

and in TvC, the gap from 1st to 2nd:

1st - Kurasa
2nd - Jmoney


tekken never happens


Man, ggs to all who came. I had a real great time. Haven’t seen people in a long while and chilled y’all.

Mike, the food kicked ass and I know it seemed kinda ridiculous when you got a line of dudes just waiting for burgers. lol We have taken the food but you still got the liquor. That’s still a win for you.


Xagrand - Yeah there was a raffle at the end of the night. Also, we didn’t run those events. We really didn’t have a high amount of players wanting to play them. We did have a open station though and for the most part people played whatever there. I was actually going to run Tekken after I was done cooking outside, but I saw Joshua leaving so decided not to.

AuhsojSivart - Yeah true. I got beat very bad by Cosmo and I knew he was just playing around. Is ok, My trash talk in SC4 kept me going! =p

People stayed until like 1AM… when the tournament was basically done at 8PM… SF 4 GF took like 1 hour! >_<


This was an off the chain BBQ…

wait you mean there were games too?


BB results make me laugh inside.

How much booze was there?


You make me laugh!

booze: not nearly enough


The “Chris” in TvC should be “Cookies.” It was Chris G, not the other Chris.


Gotcha I will correct it!


Well, you didn’t stay long enough like we did for the other booze. It wasn’t just beer.