3rd best chararcter in A groove


Bison and sakura is definitly 1st and 2nd
Who do you think is 3rd best character in A groove? and why?


Blanka because Japanese players use him and therefore he must be best because Japanese players are the best at this game!!!11111111one


Probably Blanka cause he’s an ass in any groove. I like Geese more though.


Rolento!! :smiley: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:


Blanka. He builds meter like crazy, can cc you off RC elec, and has a CC in virually every situation. Then Hibiki, then Iori, then Rolento.


Blanka…without a doubt


eagle’s pretty solid in A-groove. builds meter quick, damaging custom (8000+), RC’s, builds meter very quickly, has some solid matches against most of the top tier.

but blanka is by far the best 3rd choice.


Why do you insist on putting Bison in the top two? He’s highly overrated - without meter, he’s no threat at all.

Blanka is in the top two, and Bison is probably a close third. Slightly before Evolution, the top 2 Japanese teams in A-Groove were Team BAS (Blanka Sak Bison) and Blanka Hibiki Sakura, so you could put Hibiki up there. She’s a very technical character though, so you don’t see many people using her to her full potential - I used to use her, but I couldn’t get her intricacies down and gave up.

Sakura is a must on A-Groove teams nowadays. After her you need either a self-battery like Blanka, or Bison along with a battery/self-battery. TeamBAS is good because you have two self-batteries before Bison - Blanka can build and waste meter, and Sakura builds meter easily and the THREAT of her CC is enough to intimidate an opponent. She can still do well with RCs B&Bs, and s.roundhouse to leave meter for Bison.

For Bison, you need someone to build meter for him, or you’ll be sitting there with c.forward the whole time. A very one-dimensional character…

When you look at the factors of

  1. Strength without meter
  2. Ground CC
  3. Anti-Air CC
  4. Guard Crush capabilities
  5. Comboability
  6. Overall Damage

Sagat and Cammy are both better all-around than Bison… it’s just that Bison is so overpowered in 5 and 6 that it makes up for his being so SHITTY in 1. So, I guess if by “top characters” you mean “can do the most damage” then Bison would be top 2… but Blanka is MUCH better all-around.


I put my Chun againts any to tiers in A-Groove, I get free CC from anywhere and anyone…she’s a good poker and RC LL is the shit…But of course is just my opinion…


I agree with Blanka being the all around better character. wtf is Bison goona do without meter? j.hk ? c.mk? RC PC? Blanka is alot more of a threat without meter, but once Bison gest meter he has so many ways to land his CC and it does so much damage…which is why I think Bison > Blanka. Bison overrated? Probably, but the CC damage doesn’t lie.


That’s true. I feel beening limited when my bison is without meter
Is this why Bas switches bison to R1 and blanka to R2?

What makes hibiki good??

I can see that eagle and rolento are both very solid in A, but i’m not sure what makes chun li good in A. Please explain, Osiris2?

Also, do you think that this team (sak, bison, blanka) is a good match against C-guile, cammy, sagat (umehara’s team), or K-sagat, cammy, blanka (ino’s)?


You put Bison at R1 because his CC is tiny hits. Blanka’s CC is fierces.


Not really that I can explain why? meaning that many people play diferent…but over here I can get rid of blankas, sagats cammy’s, and so on…

her s. MP is a good poke, her S.hp has good distance, her c. RH can get rid of many jump atacks and her jump in LK are great, not mentioning her RC LL on wake up:) , free CC or combo into power if you have just one:cool: …

but it really depends on who plays the character


i never knew these things
she sounds really good…


C Chun is tied for the 3rd best char in the game(with A Bison) so yeach you can see that shes good. Alot better in C because of ALOT more damage potential.


could you explain what makes hibiki so technical? i don’t want you to write a book or anything, but i’m curious. i know the timing on some of her A-groove combos/resets are very strict (like RH throw into CC, or her overhead reset using the command dodge into hop), but what else makes her so technical?



Her CC Resets. Tough situational CC’s(strict timing).


A-Hibiki is good.



Yeah we know:bluu:
but WHY?


Someone tell us!