3rd hit of punch string



How can you tell if the 3rd hit of s.strong -> s.fierce -> back + s.fierce is going to hit? I find that a lot of times the 3rd hit whiffs and I eat something fairly un-keen. Am I delaying it too much? Or is there just a certain range at which it misses?


it’s usually just the range, i guess just practice how close you are to the person and just hover around the hp with your finger. If you think you are close enough then press it, if not well then don’t. There isn’t much recovery time even if you do miss so don’t worry about it too much, unless you miss quite often and people expect you to miss. In that case, maybe not a good idea to even do it at all.


I guess the majority of the times I get punished is when the opponent is the CPU on a pretty high level. :wink: I don’t worry about it nearly as much on a human. That would take some pretty crazy reflexes to punish consistently. I cry when I whiff against the CPU and I immediately eat a super, though. =) I guess I’ll just eventually get a feel for it. Like when I finally quit whiffing one of those damned EX mantis slashes from time to time. =)


Actually, you DO have to becareful since I’ve played some people who parry/red-parry the last punch. Personally, if I land an MP, I’d go for a st.LK link into 5 x EX slashes. It takes a bit of practice and requires tight reactions, but it’s worth it. If you have no meter, go for close MP and go for slashes. If they block, delay and try another or stop (LP slashes I believe have faster recovery).