3rd Kaillera MOTW Tournament (07/31/2005)

1st - Lux
2nd - Lando
3rd - Oldtimer
4th - Nagata Lock II
5th - Jeeebus
5th - WB!
7th - Zinac
7th - RXS
9th - Pedro
9th - Genojerry
9th - Peaces
9th - Akscrub
13th - Shikaku
13th - Aktham

Lux beats Lando 3 - 1
Lando beats Oldtimer 3 - 0
Lux beats Lando 4 - 1

Solid turnout for a tournament I wasn’t expecting much from. :tup:

Where was SRKGD rep? :confused:

GG’s to everyone. I can see a lot of improvement in the newer players. I hope to see everyone at the next tournament. :pleased:

5th… better then the last place last time :pleased:

Neverdone and Ioriyk better be there next time… :lame:

ggs to those I played, hopefully I will be at the next one

I was working thats where I was, like I do every sunday.

Who is this Ioriyk guy? I’ve been playing MOTW on Kaillera (seriously at least) for months now and not only have I never played him but I don’t think I’ve even seen his name on the player lists.

Jaehoon; so you’re completely out of every tourney from now on? Shitty deal. :tdown:

I was with my girlfriend all day yesterday. Sorry, I forgot.

Nagata: Ioriyk is an old schooler I used to play garou with several yrs ago on kaillera. One of the top 3 players I have ever played against. You won’t really catch him playing randoms too often, there is a small group of us that play. Lando is old enough to know him.

go lux… its your birthday… lets party like its yo birthday

GGs and such… props to Nagata, shit ran extremely smooth. Winners finals was actually 3-2 down to the last round… grand finals… not quite as close, heh. Good shit. And yea Nagata, IoriYK is a kof player (duh) myself an a handful of others used to play garou with fairly often a few yrs back… isn’t online nearly as much anymore. As I recall he’s a youngin too… but yea a beast all the same.