3rd Party XBOX 360 S Hard Drives?

Has anyone any experience using a knock off XBOX Hard Drive?

Just coped a 4GB console and though I’m not a space abuser, a 60GB drive on ebay for 35 bucks is twice what I’ll ever need.

I have one I’ve been using without issues for a year or so, 250GB HDD. They’re just regular 2.5" HDDs with a special firmware.

I flashed the firmware on a 250Gb drive myself and bought a cheap 360s HDD enclosure to put it in.

No problems here, it has been working just fine for quite some time. (Was in my original 360 for a year or so before I replaced it with a new 4GB 360 and punted the HDD across)

I got an awesome deal on a new 4GB 360 recently, and am doing well on the internal space. However, if i ever wanted to upgrade i’d just grab one of these off e-bay:

$45 shipped