3rd Start Thread for Strategy

Yeah Im a newb, just bought the game today. Im also a newb to the forums so I dont know the lingo yet. I play Tekken all the time and go to tekkenzaibatzu all the time so Im not w/o.

Can someone tell me where to start to learn to become top tier Evo 2k5 material. Im going to Evo this year and I want to enter both 3rd strike and T5.

I learned to be great at tekken by learning complete basics with each character then watching a combo video or a match between two top tier pro’s.

Is there any way I can do that with 3rd strike. Its seem pretty cut dry to me : (. I play ken right now. I know the Hadoken,Shoryuken, Spinning Kicks, and plus the three arts. Is that all I need to know to play good game with him?

Plz point in the right direction