3rd Start Thread for Strategy

Yeah Im a newb, just bought the game today. Im also a newb to the forums so I dont know the lingo yet. I play Tekken all the time and go to tekkenzaibatzu all the time so Im not w/o.

Can someone tell me where to start to learn to become top tier Evo 2k5 material. Im going to Evo this year and I want to enter both 3rd strike and T5.

I learned to be great at tekken by learning complete basics with each character then watching a combo video or a match between two top tier pro’s.

Is there any way I can do that with 3rd strike. Its seem pretty cut dry to me : (. I play ken right now. I know the Hadoken,Shoryuken, Spinning Kicks, and plus the three arts. Is that all I need to know to play good game with him?

What is the button combo for parry?

Plz point in the right direction

You just answered your own question.

If you’re playing Ken, you should hit up the old threads in the character specific forums.


So I press I forward in order to parry? even while in the air?

yeah forward for high parries and air parries, down for low parries (like cr.normals…like cr.short, cr.forward, cr.roundhouse, cr.jab cr. strong, cr.fierce). If you want to learn the terminology, go to http://sonichurricane.com/articles/sfterms.html
There’s other stuff you can read and see too but that’s the link for the terminology.


cr.= crouch right? i went to sonichurricane and it wasnt there : (


yes cr is crouch.

basicaly 3s is about reading your opponent, and punishing everything you can. also 3s is alot about “flow charts” or different options you can do that beat whatever option they do. a simple example of this is (after a knockdown) with ken. You can walk up and do meaty stong fierce chain, if youre playing another ken, this will beat ken mashing on low short, ken throwing, ken down parrying, ken doing a jab shoryuken. it loses to fierce/ex dragon punch and high parry, and “goes even with” low blocking.

so you just need to find out which moves to do in these type of situations, and applying them. also learn about what other characters can do, so you dont lose to something stupid just because you’ve never seen it before.

in essense, 3S is about learning Chun Li and her cr.mk hit confirm. The rest is bullshit that people made up so they can have stuff to talk about.

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Well, since your new to 3S there is much you can learn from ken match footage. I dont play ken much but IMO I would say he is a footsie character that can be played both offensively & defensively.

O snap, Jaime is top tier at talking shit. =D

nanitaberu: Quit while you’re ahead, Jaime’s just fucking around, and he is better than you at 3s. Trust me on that.

i dunno. does being good at 3S really have to = a dick in actual life?

thanks for the tip ponta-kun

Haha, don’t take it like that, I just think maybe he didn’t catch the sarcasm. That or he busted low forward -> sarcasm and owned both of us for not noticing. =p

But yeah, I’d put money on Jaime to beat just about anyone outside of Japan. Too bad he likes losing to Alex and Lee at tournaments a lot. =D