3rd Strike 2v2 Weekly's @ Chinatown Fair 03/19/10


Chinatown Fair
8 Mott Street(between Chatham Sq & Mosco St)
New York, NY 10013


Start Time 7pm Sign ups At 6:30pm
Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike 2v2 Teams
Entry fee is $20 per team 10$ a person
Double Elimination - 2/3 Rounds 1 set
Losers/Winners/Grand Finalas 2/3 Sets
Pay per play since it is the Arcade 1 token(25 cents) The first match of the event I’ll pay for the first two players up :slight_smile:
Character Locked and NO TWO CHARACTERS ON THE SAME TEAM! (You can Change Super arts)
If both playing teams agree to play on the Japanese set-up we have then I’ll allow it BUT if the other teams refuses then the match is to be played on the American cab.

**50% of the pot will goes towards a Head to Head Japanese cab setup (2x New Astro City) at Chinatown Fair for 3rd strike!
The other remainder of the pot will go to the winner. All of the 50% of the pot will be given to Henry Cen to put into a Safe for Safe keeping. This is why the entry fee is 10$ a person. If we keep this up we will have Head to Head at CF in no time.
Also I would like to apologize to the people who show up last tournament. I meant to host the tournament on Saturday and mistakenly thought Andy’s(Auto-Demon) was on Saturday as well, I’m deeply sorry for those who showed up.I waited to confirm these events with Henry and start from there.

See you there!


1.Team “Team don’t show up to your own tournament” Flare/Diaper Bomb "- PA
2.Team “Doylestown can’t take care of their 3rd Strike board” Adam/Vizard - Brooklyn, NY
3.Team “Kyousha Alliance” Nica K.O/ Frankie - Long Island/Bronx
4.Team “GREEK POWER!” GREEK/GREEK jr.- Brooklyn, NY

new cabs = hot

I am supporting/overseeing this financial aspects of this project along with Vizard.

Im with it…H2H? Let’s Go!

Pre-Reg people!!!
First team is up!

I love seeing some 3s. Also, new cabs are an awesome idea.


btw anyone that needs a team or wants to team up just say so. if you play ken ill gladly use my secret trump card (Q)

if not then fuck you and have a nice day.

ill be there, its about time we pushed for those cabs

Team "Kyousha Alliance"
Nica K.O, Frankie

Team "RyuKen"
GREEK, Denjizz

i would join if its on the Japanese cab,I’m horrible on the American set up. Went yesterday and the mp didn’t work on the 1p side (jap cab)

Ryu24 I’m assuming :slight_smile:

Hmmm if both teams agree to play on the Japanese set up then I’ll allow it, BUT if the other team refuses to play on the Japanese set up then it’s on the American cab.

OKAY! First post updated with teams and an updated rule. Keep them teams coming people!

Ah fuck, what did I agree to?..


Jokes on you! I’m teaming up with Mutant! Team Flintstoners (j/k)

If we are doing one the last week of march I might be able to do it… Big IF but I am going to NY for spring break so I would love to do one of these…

If thats okay… :rofl:

Ummm It’s Weekly dude (Check the first post) So the next one is the 26th then April 2nd.

Yeah I know I was just wondering if next week would be called off or something for some strange reason.

I assume its not though. :smiley:

Bumpin this for the cabs!!!

c’mon guys

where’s the hype!


Very cool, I’ll probably show up to watch at least. Chipping in towards an Astro City vs setup seems silly when [media=youtube]xUsHlugExx8[/media]. :stuck_out_tongue:

There will be hype trust me. I had an Idea and I want to know what you guys think. We can start our own Danisen ranking battles before the event to warm up. The same rules apply like at Game Versus and it’ll either be free entry or 1$ and the first person to level up would win the cash. Nothing big but a good warm up before the event. Tell me what you think people!

it might just be best to play casuals to warm up, its basically the same thing (thats just me though)