3rd Strike 990608 vs. 990512


If I buy a 3rd Strike kit that is advertised as version 990608, is there any way that I can somehow convert it to run as version 990512? Could I just burn a copy of the 990512 CD and run it that way?

Another question… Should I even care what version it is? How different are these two versions anyway? Are there any differences besides the unblockables being removed in 990608?


512 has Urien and Oro unblockables. You should be able to flash it, I’d just look it up.


Doesn’t 512 have the Ken KO neutral throw Makoto glitch?


990512 is the best and the one everyone uses.

I’ve heard conflicting stories about being able to flash it to a different version. I’ve heard stories it doesn’t work, yet I’ve seen it done right in front of me at a club sega.

If it’s just for personal use and you have some urien or oro friends, you can just always try to be honorable and parry the ub’s.