3rd Strike across the Globe


Hi. For those who want to know

The German Hardedge Website moved to www.Hardedge.org


No 3s Scene here in the United Arab Emirates =/ …


lol no kidding… barely found an arcade when I was there…

Updated: German hardedge website change


About that i know! I joined this forum hopefully of finding some hidden middle eastern gamers somewhere here lmao! we had a 3s arcade machine like 4 years ago thats it… Thats in Abu Dhabi i mean ofcoarse… but there might be a tourny coming up soon! small one though


heh, yeah… the only arcade I found was this place near the El dorado movie theatres… it was very hidden, and it had some very interesting and weird japanese games I had never seen amongst some well known franchises… but no 3s… I’m surprised there is enough people for a small tourny, let me know how it goes. In fact video tape it if you can… I wouldn’t mind seeing how you play :smiley:

nice place though, I enjoyed the 15yrs I spent growing up there…


Ah! I believe that place is called Happy World! i used to live there hahaha! (sarcastic) . Ahem, there was a 3s arcade machine there long time ago! and in liwa center if i’m not mistaken… when action zone used to be there!


For good third strike, a lot of japs living in Australia play at a sydney arcade called Good Games.

search youtube for Ozhadou or Good Games for some good comp videos


Youtube account displaying some 3s ranbats from the philippines added

Thanks to ev1LRyu


Thanks too ryad! Youre awesom! :slight_smile:




Hello, gentlemen. I play Elena. SAI, SAII or SAIII. And no, there is no footage of me online… until this Christmas. :slight_smile:



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3s in Puerto Rico?


Hello, we’ve got a community here aswell, very small, barely anyone who play’s good aswell. You have to start at some point :slight_smile: .

YouTube - UAESF3rdStrike’s Channel

The country is United Arab Emirates .


Keep it up yall show come over and play here sometime. Us 3rd Strike players need to stick toghther around the world.


There will be a nice Event in Vienna (Austria) this summer in july featuring 3rd Strike.
The game ist still very popular over here :slight_smile:


Hey. Awesome thread. I guess I’m a bit late but anyways.

As for Sweden. Please update the URL to www.bitterharmony.se/forum

Here’s two of the better/more noticable videos featuring some top players.



I like this thread title, so I am going to post in here so that I am reminded of new posts in this thread.


Here in Vienna[Austria] we are again doing a Season Opening Event, the VanDammage|3.1 - Bloddsport! where we once again will play 3rd Strike:slight_smile:

Videos from the last Season Opener can be found here: VanDammage|2.1 - No Retreat! No Surrender (with a bunch of other and newer stuff)


Is anyone in Belgium? please e-mail me - Joe.Congdon(at)gmail

I’m here for work and I’d love to get some games in!