3rd Strike: Akuma



3rd Strike Akuma Tactics…

Ok, i just started playing this character and I really like him. He’s got a fireball in the air and he’s got that dash kick which is really annoying because it puts the pressure on someone like the computer does with akuma. But I just need some strategies with akuma. the only thing I hate about him is he takes way to much damage. It’s annoying, everything he gets hit with just hurts him badly. But what are some combos with him. Also, I can’t do it, how do you guys get the dash kick to work. I know it’s at the peak of the jump do d+medium kick. Sorry I don’t know the actual name of the button, either short, or forward I forget. But I can’t seem to get it down, I can do it the other way of f,d,df+4, then do d+forward and it works but the other way is faster. Any tips? Also, how good is throwing fireballs all the time in the air? Not to many just enough to where you piss people off. Also, if you do a fireball in the air can he do his dart kick immediately after the fireball to put more pressure on the opponent. THanks



j.hp -> s.hp -> lk hurricane kick -> hp srk XX SA1

j.hp -> s.mp -> s.hp (this cant be followed up with anything)

apart from the above two he has all the basic shoto combos.
ie c.mk, fireball XX super etc

im not sure but i think u gotta dive kick just before the peak.
what I do is i jump, then hold down immediately, then hit kick after a very slight pause.

I wouldnt rely on air fireballs - its too easy to become predictable.
also, all your opponent has to do is stay close with a char that has a long dash (like urien) and air fireballs are useless.

after an air fireball he cant do anything until he lands - i dont even think he can parry


3rd Strike: Akuma’s hurricane kick!!!

Help with Urien … Urien so far seems helpless to Akuma’s roundhouse hurricane (since he has to block every hit :frowning: ) anyone have any pointers to counter this? (Oh and I’ve already tried low short and jab …nothing :mad: ) hehe …


Or Red Parry…


Yeah that’s good and all but if my red parry isn’t on then I need to know if there is anything to take him out of it besides parrying.


Well, explain what he does immediately after the hurricane kick. Perhaps that is the key… how does his mix-up game go?


I’ts a high low game after that … Low foward into hurricane or just hurricane kick again … Seems very abusable when your Akuma.


This is a serious problem for Urien. Anyone who doesn’t think so hasn’t played the matchup. I outlined the reasons it’s very difficult for Urien to escape this in the 3s Advanced Strats and Tactics thread, if someone could copy and paste it would explain how Urien gets out of it.



Based on my expereince, it would be best to use the option select (cr. jab+short) exactly when he lands from the hurricane kick. Usually hits him before he performs the shoryuken and also stops any throw attempts.


if you have his chariot tackle super, you can super before he lands… buffer it into his blocking stance and you will freeze akuma in his landing frame.

i haven’t done this myself but if the tackle has the same startup as ken’s SAIII (i think it does) then it should work.


Ex headbutt right after the HK finishes, if he try to throw he will get hit, if he sticks out a low move, u will go over him and u can try to throw him, if he DPs, u will get hit, but hes taking a chance too.


Problem there Paulee is practically EVERYONE Uses Aegis for Urien I personally don’t know anybody who uses Chariot Super I know a couple of Temporal Thunder users though.


Yeah but you could consider using tyrant punish as a counter for hurricane-happy akumas :slight_smile:


Maybe but I think you’ll find most Urien players will still use Aegis Regardless I know I would I do heh but I don’t have this problem so tell that to the guy who does lol.


I dont think u can punish Roundhouse huricane.


I have already tried jab’s and short’s to see if you can hit Akuma clean after he finishes his hurricane kick, but he can simply block Urien’s attack after. So far best option is just throw (but im sure they can tech since they can block) … I’ve also tried going into his knee press move (seems to work somewhat pretty good if they don’t expect it, but if they do … ouch hehe) But I am glad to hear that someone does see that it’s not so simple as to just parry it. (if your parries are on then that’s the best option but not everyone is fast enough all the time to parry the tip of his down forward that leads into hurricane kick). To simply put it next to supers I believe it’s almost nothing Urien can do to Akuma besides guessing right to what your opponent does and parry the next set of moves.


Hurricane is a big problem for Urien. Unless you are god at Red Parrying, you’re gonna be getting frustrated. There are ways out of this tough. I’m not gonna share though.

Oh, and Urien’s SAI is ownage if you know when and how to use it. For example, when you’re next to them, do c. jab x 2, then UOH. You are now at the perfect distance to connect a SAII after the UOH. Since they were most likely blocking low and got hit during this time, the damage will be 85 on 100% stamina characters. And yes, this is a LOT.


exactly as korona said.

I’m only giving a single solution. another is parry.

what’s the point of sticking with aegis if you can’t get out of his hurricane,repeat trick?

Take away his hurricane kick with chariot tackle and see how he responds. more than likely he either still do hurricanes on instinct, which you punish for 40% damage, or else he’ll get confused and start running away throwing backassward airfireballs.

that said, the timing on the chariot tackle after hurricane kick is extremely difficult. expect to practice that for a while and eat quite a few hk’s before you get it down. if you do the super a split second too late, he will be able to block.

personally i think i would do ex head butt and then tech throw. is it possible to do a far flash kick move to escape?


Here’s what I originally posted on this subject at 3s AS&T:

One of Urien’s biggest problem with the spinkicks is that he won’t be able to hit Akuma low because Akuma has like 2 ground frames if he continually does spin kicks, it’s like a Yun dive kick really. Also c.short, short tackle does not combo reliably, c.jab–>short tackle does but 1) you probably won’t hit with c.jab 2) if you do, Akuma may flip out because he’s not grounded yet and short tackle will whiff or give an opportunity for parry. Akuma has no risk parrying forward in his 2 or 3 ground frames since it’s almost impossible to hit him low.

Paul, Akuma can hit Urien out of EX headbutt with start-up spin-kick or just block and go right back into the sequence.

It IS escapable but it’s a real big burden if the Akuma player knows how to mix up enough.



How about EX shoulder check? Wouldnt that work?

Also, I havent tried this but does blocking high (like cvs2) free up more frames?