3rd Strike: Akuma



Yes, block high, stand jab is Urien’s only option besides EX shoulder check, which IS good but also takes EX meter, something you’ll quickly run out of when playing against an HK’ing Akuma.



I haven’t tried this yet but would a PP reflector work? I mean i only has a 1 frame start-up right? not to mention that it would setup for some juggles


Since I don’t have a vast amount of experience defending against Akuma’s hurricane kick attack, I’ll take Adverse’s statements as my Ethos.

If you can hit Akuma with a crouching short kick, doesn’t that give enough time to do the EX HeadButt? That would either 1) allow Urien to send Akuma into combo-city, or 2) yeild a good throw attempt upon landing from the EX headbutt.
If the throw was teched or nor, that would open the distance and get Akuma off of Urien, eh? or not?


ex aegis, dash in/walk up and throw akuma backward in the corner, dash backward upon the rising opponent, dash backward again and low fierce him as he’s recovering from demon teleport, combo as desired, throw the rising akuma, then block the rising uppercut/hurricane and repeat

yes this isn’t what happens everytime, but it’s the most common


EX CRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUSH!!! it’s the best option imo cause if he does again the hurricane and it will hit him (i am actually at work so i can’t check it to be sure) i am 90% sure. if he was in corner…combo rape. and if u are not fast enough i think the hurricane will hit u but u will surely hit him too. And in case that u are not fast enough and that he block (not parry) it’s a safe move don’t worry too fast :)…u can also do his exaedgis…
About the thing about using meter it’s not a problem use it against gouki cause remember gouki is urien’s freakin damage b+tch :slight_smile: .
Let me ask do you start your match in front of gouki??? if he starts his hurricane kick from far just throw a lp sphere :slight_smile: (who knows…)

but for me the best thing to do is to try to parry cause even if u take damage trying it if u manage to do it once he is lost… but i am a parry lover :slight_smile:


Akuma vs urien is almost an impossible match up. However, if urien can steal the first round and have full meter for the next then he can just burn them and kill akuma.

Anyways to answer ur question about the HK hurricane kick. Just watch it and when u see him coming down just EX tackle his ass. he cannot stop nor retort against that. The timing is tight but it can be done.

If you are a good urien player then u can EX tackle akuma right at the end of the tackle do c.jab xx EX headbutt and have your way with him, up to you really.

Another option is if he the akuma player is abusing the hurricane kick just parry it… I mean if he does c.fwd xx hurricane kick just parry the hurricane kick. AFter a c.fwd u can input ur parry command if u parry then u punish if he sticks out nothing after the c.fwd then oh well no loss to you.



sorry but we just checked it with billykane and it’s damn easy to counter it…


lol korona i am tunisian first…


I’m talking about darkumas sig and just messing around. Just ignor my rants :smiley:


Max6366: Why do you call yourself 3rd Emperor anyway? :lol:


to counter the hurricane kick or the ex crush?


hum there is a mistake here my team name is [3rd] that’s all and my nick is EMPROR not emperor ok??? the 3rd was just because we only play 3strike (and also we didn’t find any other name…lol)

Prism to counter the hurricane kick of course…




so what is the counter that’s so easy? and against which version hurricane kick?


i manage to do clp on HK hurricane and EXcrush too


actually, j. fierce, s. fierce, short HK, jab SRK xx SAI does more damage. After knocking them down, jump straight up air fireball, sets up all kinda tricks like dashin throw while they are parrying, UOH while they are blocking, etc.

random rh air hurricane kicks are good too because of the damage potential.

hurricane kick when they’re waking up so you cross them up is good and safe too in most cases.

repeated rh hurricane kick pressure is good against ppl like Alex and Urien.

runaway fb akuma is effective against a lot of ppl.


If they jump at you do a c.fierce, if it hits follow up with a lk demon flip and press lk again in the air, this gets almost everybody i have tried it on :evil:


here’s a damaging trick/combo:
j.fierce, s.fierce, lk tastumaki, juggle with s.fierce(cause a reset)–>DF kick,the finish with SA1, 2 or 3.


I wonder if any of you use this combo besides me… dive kick, mk hurricane, hp dragon punch.


that shit dont even work.