3rd strike alt. colours (arcade)


how do i get them? gamefaqs says hit all 3 punches, then hit any other button…

just wondering… and i put it here since its not technically a strategy question.




No it doesn’t.



damn why do you have so much red rep? doing that purposely?


oh, lawl, i can’t read

thanks cryptlord.


lol because of this.




but i can’t get the stupid colors, like ken with the green hair, in teh arcade, right? or can i?


since when did ken have green hair in the arcade? O_o


never mind. um, according to zweifuss, it should be start + any punch or kick. but, i remember trying this for yang, and it didn’t work.


that only works on the home versions as far as I know.


Here’s a quick reference.

I’m not sure if it’s any different from the arcade ver. since I haven’t seen a 3S cabinet since 2000.:looney:
Hope that helps.


that link is godlike.



Here’s another:



i knew that one, but thanks.


any start + button colors do not work in arcade


Start + any button on console only works if you’ve beaten arcade mode with that character.


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I am NOT the only one laughing right now!





I said the arcade… not the arcade mode.