3rd Strike Arcade Tournaments @ NEC XI - Dec 4th & 5th, 2010 - Philadelphia, PA USA


With the help of Siren Records, Cyborg-1 and Big E, Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike tournaments will be held as an arcade event at this year’s North East Championship. There may be more setups for 3rd Strike at the venue, such as other arcade machines, superguns, emulators, or Playstation 2 consoles, however, official tournaments are scheduled to run exclusively on head to head Sega Versus City cabinets.

Pad/custom controller players: you may be able to use default button layout provided the american cab is available at the time and has ps controller converters; or if your opponent agrees, matches may be able to be played on console given there are any available and do not hold up tournament progress

Date: December 4th and 5th, 2010
Tentative Time: 12 P.M. - 11 P.M.
Location: Sheration Suites - 4101 Island Ave, Philadelphia, PA
Phone: 267-231-8996
Fees: $25 registration fee per player; $15 entry fee per person for non-players --covers both days (posted by eric)
NEC XI thread

Sega Versus City Cabinet:
Fee: game on free play for the entire event, December 4th and 5th. (after venue/tournament fees)
Game: Street Fighter III 3rd Strike 990512 JPN
Joysticks: ball top Sanwa JLF with square gate or Seimitsu LS-32 w/ custom Game Versus gate
Buttons: Sanwa OBSF-30
Seats: custom IKEA NILS stools provided (or use whatever chair you prefer)

Events (subject to change)
3v3 Team Tournament
Time: TBD Saturday, December 4th
Fee: $5 per person
Payout: Winner take all
Format: Double elimination bracket; 2/3 rounds; 1 match (single game)
Rules: Judgement in effect; winner must keep character, can switch super arts; Ken/Makoto neutral grab glitch banned - results in 1 match loss for Ken player
Brackets: randomly generated

New York vs East Coast Tournament (posted by Frantastic23)
Time: TBD Saturday, December 4th
Fee: ? per person
Payout: ?
Format: ?single elimination; 2/3 rounds; 1 match (single game)
Rules: winner must keep character, can switch super arts; Ken/Makoto neutral grab glitch banned - results in 1 match loss for Ken player

Team EC

Mr. Quotes (NJ)
Marlin Pie (NJ)
Ryder (NJ)
Frantastic (NJ)
Therapist (PA)
Diaper Bomb (PA)
Ken in Black (VA)
Hold Dat (NY)
Face (NC)
CajunStrike (NC)
KnuckleDust (NC)
Exodus (MD)
Eric Kim (VA)
Tinshi (NY)

Team NY

Hard Bread
Nica K.O
Helgen X
Mutant XP
Da Rage
Chris Gonzalez


Singles Tournament
Time: TBD Sunday, December 5th
Fee: $10
Payout: 70/20/10% of pot
Format: Double elimination bracket; 2/3 rounds; 2/3 matches
Rules: Event Mode; Judgement in effect; winner must keep character, loser can change; both players can switch super arts; Ken/Makoto neutral grab glitch banned - results in 1 match loss for Ken player
Brackets: by region and skill level (at the discretion of the bracket makers)

Sign ups

  1. Mr.Quotes-nj
  2. Patrick-va
  3. Francisco-nyc
  4. IloveyouJoe-L.I.
  5. SJC-L.I.
  6. Tweleve-nyc
  7. Ray R.-pa
  8. Blake-nc
  9. Roski-nc
  10. Face-nc
  11. Brandino-nc
  12. Shodokan123-ri
  13. Hold Dat-nyc
  14. True_tech-co
  15. Justingroton-md
  16. Diaper Bomb-pa
  17. Jose-nj-DMG
  18. Shakugan-nj
  19. Kyle-philly
  20. eddie H.-nj
  21. Joey Crack-ri
  22. HelGenX
  23. Nyoronoru-philly
  24. Sorwah-md
  25. Frankie N.-nyc
  26. Kazi-nj
  27. Gavolution-NE
  28. Adam Alhanshali
  29. Therapist-pa
  30. Saotome Kaneda
  31. SF3LP-nyc
  32. Anthony Whittica-philly
  33. DiodeJenero-md
  34. comebackking-VA
  35. Kharisma
  36. Bad Fish-nj
  37. Shin Oni-md
  38. Flash Fire-md
  39. Tinshi-nyc
  40. Ghost Cobra-philly
  41. Exodus-md
  42. Flare
  43. Dankah-Philly
  44. HalfEmpty
  45. Jollies-nj
  46. Ahmed-nyc
  47. Vizard-nyc
  48. SirKanchi-Philly

Cyborg One

Siren Records - home of the Sega Versus City Cabinets. 3rd Strike is always on free play, so stop by or post in the thread to arrange gatherings.


I suck at this game - no training whatsoever, but i’ve been signed up at some point so I won’t mind getting my butt kicked. No time to train lol.


I think I need a 3s team. Looks like I might be the only 3s head from NC coming up for this. :frowning: :frowning:


I need a team too actually haha.

If you wanna team lemme know! :slight_smile:


A few things

-I plan on handling all things 3rd Strike, as I’ve done so for the past 3 Big E Events. Anybody wants to help that’s fine with me as I will also be entering several games myself, and it saves me the trouble of having to bother other people to run 3s. Just make sure that I know you and that I know you are helping.

-I’m gonna run this from my laptop, that way 3s gets top priority and we don’t have to burden any other organizer and we can handle things for ourselves.

-Expect the team tournament to run through both days. This is a lot of 3rd Strike to be run on only one arcade setup, but I will do my best to make things run as smoothly as possible.

-As for the 15on15 I want to everyone confirmed as to make sure that each team will have 15, and if people can’t make it that people who aren’t on the list but want to participate will be given the opportunity. Confirm me via PM on SRK along with what side you’re on so I can know for a fact you will be there.

-When I run singles, I start pretty early which is around 12PM Noon. The sooner we get things done the less likely the it gets caught up in SSF4 and we are forced to wait.

-NEC is only 3 weeks away so you fuckers better not be slacking.

**Confirmed for 15v15

East Coast

Erik Kim(Maybe)
Hol Dat

New York

Nica KO



5 views…LOL. This country fucking blows. Good luck with the tournament, guys.


Agreed that this country doesn’t know a good game when they see one, but also consider the fact that this is happening at NEC, and 3rd Strike ALWAYS gets a good turnout at NEC.

And if you guys want to make it 16v16, put me on Team NY.


this is the best game ever made.


Ill be there for sure, need to poke around for teammates


I’m in for some 3ssssssss!

Put me down on the 15v15 Quotes. I got off for NEC weekend :cool:

Also Face let me know if you wanna team!


Great to see people taking charge and throwing some great 3s tourneys. Sounds like fun.
Pretty dope you guys have a decent amount of people who didn’t completely jump ship for new bunk games.


You me and Face?

I need a team too! ;D



its gonna be a lil crazy playing on just one cab but hopefully things work out, hopefully we can get other set ups or something or a supergun like at SBR


Yeah I get the picture! I wonder where the cabs will be put?





i’m sure people won’t like it, but utilizing console setups would be unavoidable if we want to complete all the events on time.


good luck guys! looks like a lot of fun :lovin:


i’ll possibly be there


I agree with this as long as you don’t mean having 1 tournament running on both arcade AND console.


I think if I played on console when a h2h cab is there, my head would explode