3rd Strike Art

3rd Strike Art (link)

Hey, i’m new to these forums and whatnot but i decided to post some SF3 artwork, that whole series and all the characters from it don’t get nearly enough love. :frowning: But yeah, here are some pics from SF3.





:slight_smile: The Remy is my favorite. He looks like the Beatles.

deviant art sucks and your drawings are really bad. is that marker you used to color? i thought they didnt make those anymore. but i did get a good laugh from remy! i agree he’s a beatle.

Yeah, I kinda agree with Yamazaki dude here… You’re Makoto is pretty tight, but the rest of them needs work. That Remy would be okay without those totally nasty looking fingernails… Adopt a more anime-ish art style. You’ve got potential

(edit) I take that back, your Ryu’s pretty good too

did you do the coloring too? that’s really good work - marker right? your coloring and sketchwork complement each other well - very '70s pop groove to it.

I love the remy pic, funny how a ciggarete and sunglases make a character not look like a fag.


Remy is one of the best characters that they could of added to the series. Remy teh Rock0rz:cool:

yeah, remy is a good character, but skinny french people with colored hair looks like fags we all know that.

yeah yeah remy’s a fag, why are you guys arguing over this? thats a given.
the only reason he’s in third strike is because he can replace guile (he has a sonic boom-like move and a flashkick) and to appeal to the european audience (the french ones anyway). i like guile and charlie and so i think he’s a good addition to the roster.

You should really tell people what style of art they should take. Peoples art styles are something usually what comes naturally. We just evolve and get better from learning and practing and just get that style better. I like the ryu defintly, makoto looks a lil odd her fist doesn’t look very feminime.(sp?)

how old r u parry master.


Lol, Deon, I was playing Alpha 3 with Vega and thought about this conversation, so I made this pic to prove my point.

Glasses make queers look like rockstars.

lol… tis true

but remy is no fag. He’s a pimp in disguies(sp?)

Remy has some huge mammaries.