3rd Strike - Basics / Urien

So since my XBOX is out of commission for the time being (guess why :mad:), my friend suggested I should try playing 3S. I’ve been trying to pick up Urien since he just seems like a really cool character.

It feels like Urien is a difficult character to start out with, but to be frank I’m not really interested in playing anyone else. After spending some time in training mode with him, I find myself getting frustrated not being able to pull off some of his “basic” combos, like TTH. Anyone have any Urien pointers that could help me out here?

As a person who started playing competitive fighting games with SF4, are there any crucial aspects I should know when I play 3S?

TTH is actually an intermediate/advanced juggle, and it’s very hard to do consistently.

Anyway, some warnings:

  • Chariot Tackles alone are not safe on block, unless you cancel into Aegis Reflector.
  • cr.HP is Urien’s most important juggle starter…
  • …but it’s also not safe on block.
  • f.HP is safe when it hits the opponent crouching, but not safe when the opponent blocks high or gets hit high. Ken can punish with cr.MK. It’s best used during Urien’s corner Aegis mixups or pressure.
  • Kneedrop is soooo not safe on block, unless it hits extremely deep.
  • Pretty much most of Urien’s EX moves suck, except EX headbutt and EX tackle for corner juggles.

Urien’s ultimate gameplan is you want to try and push the opponent to the corner or at least near the corner to release Aegis Reflector. Even if the Aegis isn’t touching the opponent, you can start getting damage off of corner pressure and there’s not much the opponent can do.
Don’t worry about Aegis Unblockables if you’re new with Urien. First learn how to utilize his pokes efficiently, and don’t be afraid to block. If you’re not too comfortable with Aegis just yet, then try using Tyrant Slaughter first. You sacrifice a lot of Urien’s scary offense from Aegis, but you will be able to punish a LOT of moves with reversal SA1.

What makes Urien’s grab so good?

It has pretty good range for just a regular throw, but his grab alone isn’t that good. Urien just has a lot of ways to be able to land it. Headbutt->throw, dash-up throw(Urien has a very good dash), jump-in throw, tick throw, etc.

Thanks for the response!

I understand that TTH is pretty advanced stuff, and the only reason I said it was “basic” was because I really couldn’t find much about BnB combos. Outside of cr. jab -> Tackle/Headbutt, does he have any hit confirmable combos? As far as his gameplan goes when excluding Aegis Reflector, I imagine he’s a more pokey type of character?

From what I can tell so far, playing Urien requires a lot of fundamental skill. But that goes for any character as well. I’ll keep practicing!

Well, Urien’s playstyle can differ depending on the player. He can be played by fundamental poking or fearless parries and Aegis setups. I recommend watching vids of Pierre and Senaka(best fundamental Uriens in Japan) and see how they utilize Urien’s pokes. RX is also a mandatory watch, but you will learn a lot more from Pierre.

But yeah, all beginning Uriens will have to learn his pokes and basic gameplay first, and then choose to go with the more complicated stuff if they want.

As for combos, he doesn’t have too many simple combos outside of punishment situations. You shouldn’t focus too much on combos anyway, as you’ll find yourself poking and throwing until you get at least one bar filled up.

He gets all of his damage from juggles and Aegis setups/unblockables. For now I can tell you some basic followup juggles when you catch the opponent with Aegis in the corner.

  • cr.HP->MK Tackle->HP (works on everyone)
  • cr.HP->semi-late EX Tackle->HK Tackle->MK Tackle (works on most characters, I forget which don’t though)
  • cr.HP->MK Tackle->EX Tackle->HK Tackle (works on all but the big characters, and probably Twelve and Necro)
  • cr.HP->LK Tackle->LP Fireball->LK Tackle->HP (works on Chun, Makoto, Elena [Alex, Dudley, Urien as well, but timing is harder])

Aku pretty much summed it up, just get familiar with him and don’t bother getting too technical from the getgo as it takes alot of time to get the hard stuff down in 3s, at least doing it consistently.

Urien is extremely fun though with his aegis pressure and just locking people down with it and when you do start going in to the advanced stuff you’ll have your work cut out for you to say the least.

Awesome, thanks for all of the feedback! I guess I’ll go check out Pierre and Senaka for now. 3S is definitely an interesting change of pace from SF4, can’t wait for SF3 Online!

Aku really put up great info so kudos to him, just want to mention that Urien simply isn’t an aggressive character until he finally gets meter. So don’t get fancy with dash-in throws and early cr.fierce, you want to KEEP your offense/initiative until you have enough meter for aegis. Then shit gets serious.


This is the first time the US was ever exposed to aegis shenanigans/high level urien play. Justin never even knew about them so he just follows up with meter building himself, little did he know Tokido was just readying for an aegis, tackled him into a corner and before you knew it, niggas in da club were doin aegis reflector. Practice basic BnB’s, don’t counter-poke with cr.forward as if it were SSF4 or ST because you WILL be punished. Otherwise have fun and good luck :slight_smile:

Get used to using Urien’s pokes as they’re easily his best tool when you don’t have aegis. Once you have Aegis the match changes entirely and you’ll be able to lock your opponent down much more easily. Urien’s s.MP, cr.MK, s.FP are great normals. Towards MP is okay anti air, just don’t use it a whole bunch because its not that great. If you can master s.MP to ex headbutt you’ve got a pretty good anti air option that will stuff alot of parry attempts as they won’t see it coming. As far as basic combos go, Aku has pretty much listed the best options so refer to his post and also check the 3s forum for more info.

Urien allows a lot of different approaches and is not a character that you can half ass, not saying you are but just letting you know what you’re getting into. In addition to the Urien players mentioned, check out some vids of Messatsu if you want to see a highly aggressive Urien player…his matches are a little dated at this point but provide good perspective none the less.

Thanks again for all the great feedback guys. I have a few more questions if you don’t mind answering them.

First off, what’s a good punishing combo for Urien at certain distances? There are times where I block an opponents attack and they end up at max cr. jab (possibly outside) distance, but I don’t know what the most efficient punish is in this situation. Any tips?

I’d imagine that if you can punish from up close, the best attack to go for is cr. Fierce -> etc right?

As far as poking goes, is there anything I should be wary of? Otakugamer223 mentioned that I shouldn’t try to counter poke with cr. forward, since it can be punished. Like I said before, I got my start playing SF4, so I’m used to footsies in that game. With the inclusion of parrying in 3S, what do I need to be careful of?

s.Fierce is always a good punisher when you’re too far away to start a Crouching Fierce combo (note: c.HP is not a universal punisher as it’s too slow to catch specific recoveries, so you end up getting blocked, then punished yourself).

s.MP, c.MK, s.MK, s.HP are all decent tools that Urien has to keep people out. Yes, c.MK can be baited and it has slowish recovery, so don’t spam it versus characters that have a superior footsies game (Ken, Chun).

exceed you should play vs yuuki since you are in dallas

he is one of the best urien players in the country imo

Oh yeah? I didn’t know he played Urien. Then again, 3s was before my time. Last time I saw him, he was playing with Yun if I remember right.

3S is pretty much dead in Dallas but maybe I can gather up some of the OG players one day.

Thanks for the tips Arsenal. Getting used to Urien is frustrating and rewarding at the same time.