3rd Strike Blog: A SF4 Player's Fight for the Future

Hey All,
My name is KG and I want to learn 3rd strike.

So far, SF4 is the only game I have seriously invested time into learning and leveling up.

I have always liked watching videos of 3rd strike, as every moment is full of tension. Don’t get me wrong, SF4 is full of tense moments, but the parry system makes every move a risk.

I finally have a chance to learn 3rd Strike with the release of 3rd Strike OE. I have started a blog to chronicle my progress as I learn to play 3rd strike. The plan is to update it with all the knowledge I obtain. Things like set ups, match-up specific knowledge / tips and so forth.

Also with each entry I will post links to various articles, video tutorials, or podcasts that I utilized to level up, so others can know where to find the info they need.

Feedback appreciated / criticism welcome!


Hey, I started this first. Except I didn’t make a thread about it >_>

But anyways, we’re in the same boat, brother. Good luck to you!

EDIT: Oh god, after reading the first post of your blog, I feel like I’m reading my story. Except you have a scene around you, while I’m stuck being an online warrior for the next year or so…

BONUS EDIT: I guess you edged me out by three days. Good move. :wink:

[S]It’d probably be better to make this blog thread in the character subforum(Denjizz is doing this in the Ryu section), but regardless[/S] welcome aboard. I’m sure a lot of us will be able to help you out if you ask.

P.S.- Parrying itself is a risk too, don’t forget that.

EDIT: I am illiterate ahaha~

Cool idea and good luck learning 3s!

for the “Good starting places for the aspiring 3rd strike player are” section, I would add in the 3s Junkies Podcast

I like this idea. I won’t do it myself because I’m already the best 3S player in the world, but I’ll definitely like to keep up to date with the progress of you two.

You say you went to Summer Jam 4. Are you from east coast and going to Summer Jam 5 this month?

I am sure me and plenty of 3s guys are down to help you level up bro! Hope you go!

I think this may be my first post on here (been a lurker for a little while) but I am really excited to follow your blog. I got into Street Fighter 4(never played a fighting game seriously before) a little more than a month ago. I got into 3rd strike about 2 weeks ago because I heard about 3SO. I’ve been playing on Supercade/GGPO and have been trying to improve my game so much. I believe in my first week of Street Fighter 4 (before I got into 3S), I logged in 80+ hours simply because I love the game so much and really want to improve. I tried to chronicle my progress already but my laptop was too slow to record gameplay so my friends have been seeing my improve.

I read your blog and I’m essentially at the same place as you except with less SF experience. I’m really practicing my hitconfirms and punishes. I always study my replays and constantly learn from my mistakes. All my friends (which isn’t a lot) that I play SF with see me drastically improve day by day (not even exaggerating). I’ve never gotten into video games the way I got into Street Fighter. I’m in love with the series and love getting better. I really want to play competitively but I am long way from it.

Hopefully you play on 360, maybe you’d be interested in learning together? (no homo of course)

If anybody is interested in playing with me and wouldn’t mind giving me some tips. Please add my gamertag: TheBlackHombre

la flama blanca!

Good luck with your progress!

You’re fucking kidding me… started a blog for the same purpose last night. Even used a similar title as Eyeball. Oh well, hope we can all level up our game. 3SOE should be the bomb.

Hell, keep the name. I’ve actually been spending much of a morning car ride trying to think of a name that fits me more.

keep at it guys, you’re only about ten years away from becoming pros.

More like 4 years. The advent of YouTube and Forums has made the re-discovery of set-ups and combos less time consuming. Most newbies simply have to concentrate on timing, reaction, and strategy.

more like 2 years if you actually play the game and talk less about it

I have no delusions about become a pro. I just want to get to the point that I understand the game and can compete. I want people to say “Hey, that guy didn’t suck” once I’m done. It should be interesting, because this will be the first time I’ve ever put effort into a 2D fighter. Hopefully the game doesn’t die a month after release.


It’s good to see other fellow Tekken players pick this game up. If only BR had netcode nearly as good as GGPO. Here’s hoping for TTT: HD, TTT2, and for the future of 3S.

Anything is possible if you are motivated! I’ve met people in Japan who had qualified for SBO and had played for far less time than me.

With the online community on Xbox Live these days, coupled with a much healthier userbase, people are gunna level up fast as shit! Seriously.

It took me like a year to get good, but times were different folks. I had a scene of 4 guy’s, two of whom were Marvel players. Xbox live was laggy as fuck, so if you wanted to get good you needed to travel. Which I did, and it was awesome, but I still only got to play a small sample of the EC (and WC at Evo 05). Xbox live was a joke! And Youtube wasn’t invented for another 3 years!

Nowadays everyone is on XBL, and the netcode is actually good enough that legit players level up online. You guy’s will be leveling up in no time I promise.

Best way to learn is from experience. Xbl can be our own nationwide arcade. I want to see us evolve so we have character specialists like Japan does, I’m very optomistic.

You kids are spoiled. Good luck to you all. See ya online.

Pretty much the same story for me. When its all said and done, I want to hopefully get to a tournament (once I move out of the small town, that’ll happen, I hope), hold my own in 3rd Strike, and walk out of it leaving one of two thoughts in people’s heads: 1) “That guy’s pretty good.” or 2) “That guy’s a tier whore!” (If I were to place highly). The only fighter I’ve put a ton of time into has been the SF4 series (a fair amount of time into MvC3, but I gave up on that). And I’m welcoming my…“initiation” into the brotherhood of 3rd Strike (I am preparing to not win a game for a week…).

I’m not thinking that the online will die even a year after release, unless all the GGPO players go to Supercade or something (since I believe 3rd Strike is going to be removed from the GGPO client). I’d figure that a lot of those people who play regularly on GGPO, and those who have been anxiously waiting for 3rd Strike Online (both the vets and newbies alike) will stick to it for a good amount of time.