3rd Strike Board Revisions

A friend of mine is interested in getting a revision A 3S board. Right now he’s found a USA board, but the guy he’d be buying it from doesn’t know what revision it is, and can’t really check anything. From what I’ve found online, there is only one USA board revision, is this correct? And is this revision equivalent to the jap revision A?

Thanks in advance.

Edit: I’ve tried the search functions here, too, and I can’t find anything on this.

It doesnt matter what board you have, what CD you have is what matters.

Ok, assuming you know what you’re talking about - what about the US non-CD version? Is that the same (with unblockables) as the Japanese OLD version? Or is it like the Japanese NEW version (without unblockables).

I was playin 3s (arcade)and there were no unblockables, yet the cab seems to be brand new. how can i correct this? The cab is in excellent shape which is a rare commodity here is san diego. Is there a web site where i can d/l this cd. any possibility of instructions for installation?

Yes, mostly the one without unblockables causes most changes for Urien players.
The one that we use to play in tournaments are not that one.

Damn you customizable user titles, damn you:shake:…