3rd Strike Community! Please READ

Hello, Me and a few friends have setup a forum dedicated to playing 3rd strike online (via MAME) and we’re just trying to get the ball rolling. So far we have about 18 Players. We are hoping to get some tournaments up soon, and then we will implement a ladder system, which people will climb through tournaments.

the link to our forum is: http://www.shodoukoutei.co.uk/forums

we also have ventrilo which we are on for hours every day, the information can be found on the forum index, sorry if your board doesn’t allow this, but i thought it would be alright, considering we’re only appealing to the 3rd strike portion of your community.

I’m gonna be nice and just say that most people have moved on from kaillera, so this shit is a waste of time.
This should be in the online board as well.

^^ Same thing he said. Check the online threads and the ggpo threads, you’ll fine that they may help you better.

ok guys thanks very much for the help, i’ll try in the online section ^^