3rd Strike & CVS2 Woodbine Tourney Results

The Results For The 3rd Strike Tourney Are As Follows:

1st. Marvin
2nd. Antoine
3rd. Jay
4th. Faisal
5th. Butch
5th. Leslie
6th. Ron
6th. Jonathon
7th. Nagata Lock II
7th. Merwa
7th. Sam
7th. Brian
8th. Kin Mah
8th. Zero 1
8th. M K
8th. Sheldon

Thats the round off for the tourney was pretty bad turn out for 3rd strike hope it improves next time.

Just wanna thank all who came out to the tourney today and hope u all had fun. Props to Nagata for an awesome Cvs2 tourney even though i got wasted i had fun playing in it.

This is only the start of something that will become bigger and better.

Ps. Sorry about the seedings for the brackets guys was my first one still learning nagata u gotta help me with seeding for next time if u can ok. :cool:

I think CvS2 was:

  1. Ratio1beatdown
  2. C-Royd
  3. Gerjay
  4. shadowfighta
  5. YellowS4/Nagata Lock??

Who the hell were u guys

How in the blue hell did we get TWENTY THREE entrants for a tournament that was officially added only a few days ago?

EDIT: I’ve filled in the teams I can remember but there are still a few holes. Any help?

1st - Ratio1Beatdown (A Rolento/Eagle/Blanka)
2nd - C Royd (P Cammy/Blanka/Sagat)
3rd - Gerjay 2001 (A Blanka/Chun Li/Bison)
4th - Shadowfighta (C Chun Li/Blanka/Sagat)
5th - Nagata Lock II (C Guile/Kim/Vega)
5th - YellowS4 (P Zangief/Vega/Blanka)
7th - I Am Sam (C Guile/Vega/Balrog)
7th - Leslie
9th - Kymah (A Kyo/Mai/Todo)
9th - Ultimate Rugal (K Yamazaki/Vega/Sagat)
9th - Vrus (P Guile/Athena/Sagat)
9th - Jiggabry (K Cammy/Blanka/Sagat)
13th - Gatsby (N Haohmaru/Eagle/Ryu)
13th - Steve
13th - Noodleman (K Sagat/Blanka/Cammy)
13th - DeadlyRaveNeo
17th - Sheldon
17th - Tyrell
17th - Magma Dragoon
17th - Anthony
17th - Christian
17th - JJ2K
17th - Magnus00

GG’s to everyone. Thanks for Magnus00 for getting arcade management to allow us access to Event Mode and giving us the extra time needed to complete CvS2.

dont steal my shit poptard

“Remember to drink milk when you eat some pop-tarts”

Hahah poptard owns you adrian!

not dat bad roger:)
and to answer your question nagata lock, the reason 23 people join is cuz i wasnt there.
my "prez"ence alone is enuff to stop 9-10 people from joining

the above person was not me…

wow dennis didn’t even come in top 3??? tsk tsk tsk…

and kin?!???! OMG seriously man, if u dun’t have the skills to use yun like i do, DON"T use him :bluu:

yeah that’s right I turtled everyone out

i’d like to thank everyone for hitting low.
and i’d like to thank capcom for putting sagat in the game, even though i think he’s fucken cheap

that is all.

He had a tough bracket Eric. He had to face Marvin in winners side and then Dennis on losers side.

I can’t believe no one listened to my “How to stop Marvin” coaching. Everyone hits low. WHY? WHY? HE FUCKING THANKS YOU FOR HITTING LOW! STOP HITTING LOW!

Good Experience.

This was my first tournament, over all I thing it was good, and can get better, I found out about it a day before joining.

2 recommendation:
1: Speed of game was 2 slow, I think it was on 3, 4 or 5 would be better.
2: Get another cvs2 machine for the next one.


Sheldon, aka wetworker


Good Experience.

  1. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll get a lot of players outside of Woodbine players to agree on the speed setting. When we got there it was speed 5 and that’s just insanity considering every arcade outside WB uses Speed 3.

  2. The second machine would definitley be necessary if we ran a tournament of this size or bigger the next time around. The quarter guy (who BTW was really nice to us for getting us extra time) also recommended a second machine and said it wouldn’t be all that hard to acquire.

I hope a lot of WB players weren’t turned off by the waiting time. It’s always a shock the first tournament you enter and you’ve got to wait like three hours for your second match. If you guys are able to convince your management to get a second machine you’ll see it runs a hell of a lot smoother.

Ricardo; could you let me know if that EB Cross Promotion idea will actually materialize? If we can get that, along with a second CvS2 machine and an MvC2 machine (that’ll attract a whole extra set of people, trust me on that one) that you’ll have a mega tournament on your hands.

Also; where are the full 3rd Strike results?

Good Experience.

u should learn to play on speed 3 cause tournys r run on speed 3

Re: Good Experience.

metro is speed 4. :slight_smile:

and if if kin had dennis in his bracket, dat means he had an easy bracket. and if he can’t even beat dennis wit yun, dat means his yun sux. :eek:

I see someone is still mad cause I OWNED HIM 10 TIMES IN ONE DAY!!!

sorry guys full result r up edited my first post was tired as hell so i put up the top five first.

nagata will look into that eb cross promo for our next one and will c about getting a mvc2 and extra cvs2 cab for next time around.

and by the way is there anyone out there who would want a soul caliber 2 tourney if so lemme know.

Not really,…just a game.


  1. when there are 2 ppl tied for 5th, 6th place is no longer available.

  2. same as 7th place, and so on…

  3. u got the team results?

damn marvin getting that cheesy?
too good